Sunday, 2 August 2015

A little Avon haul: gold and black, make-up and jewelry

I’ve been shopping a bit lately, here and there, online and in “live shops”. Then, flash hauls ahead!

As you know I’m an Avon representative and when I place an order I often buy something for myself, basically all kind of daily care products, but sometimes I treat myself with a nice gift.
This is an example: jewelry and make-up. I totally love how fun is wearing accessories, so I’ve bought the Violetta gift set, a geometrical kit consisting of agolden and detachable multi-tread necklace with pyramidal pendants, two pairs of pyramidal earrings and an open ring.
Those sound perfect for Egypt-o-maniacs!
I’ve noticed that Avon jewellery is always updated to the latest trends and has improved in quality during these last years as well as in its packaging.
If not shown in the catalog, Avon jewelry boxes are black outside, fuchsia inside the lid and are ready to be given away!

The make-up item is a black eyeshadow. What? Black, why black? Believe me or not, I have so many eyeshadows but I haven’t got a real black.
Grays, anthracites, pearly blacks… where is a good black among all my little palettes?

Here’s it at the end: the Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Single in Blackest Black and I’m loving it!
Come back soon for a new flash haul, a review from my flash hauls and keep an eye on my Instagram page for updates!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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