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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Mini guide: 5 Christmas gifts for yogis and sportive friends

I don’t know you, but every year I’m always late with gifts making!
It’s the last day and I bet everyone knows someone who’s a sport fanatic or a total wellness follower. No matter the type of sport or amount of discipline applied, there’s the special thing right for your friends: 5 Christmas gifts for sportive and yogi friends!

Geek and casual, these are two adjectives for these last-minute Christmas gifts for sportive people. Comfy apparel is a must like this front/back stamped Yo-Ga hoodie by Rebook (2) or these colourful and chic modular shoes by Nike (3) that can be used for ballet training and yoga while letting one's feet feeling free.
Christmas is spending the time together, what better occasion to play?
With this portable ping-pong net (1) people can play everywhere, one just need a roomy table!
Runners with passion for technologies will find helpful a "swatch" like the Gamin GPS Forerunner 610 (5). It looks like a regular swatch but it’s touch-screen and allows to keep an eye on the track people have run and people's heart beats!
Has your yogi pal got a very old yoga mat? Give him/her a new, long-lasting one with holder or a new mat bag/case (you can fill it with extra, little goodies!).
For your last-minute gifts you’ve gotta run!

Have a safe Christmas! 



  1. Not a bad idea at all - we all have at least one friend that's into sports :) Thanks for sweet comment, it made me smile :) Have lovely holidays! xx Maja


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