Sunday, 2 November 2014

Lush - Tea Tree Toner Tab

This small “coin” in the photo below is the Tea Tree Toner Tab by Lush Cosmetics and this review has been really chosen by you!
Lush’s steamer tabs are bicarbonate pills that dissolve in very hot water and bring you the enjoy of spas and beauty centers’ facial steam at home.
Tea Tree Toner Tab is a specific product for oily, impure and acne-prone skins; it’s 100% natural, preservative-free and suitable for vegans.
This steamer tab has an extremely simple ingredient list, in fact it only contains baking soda, citric acid, tea tree essential oil, aloe vera powder and chlorophyllin.
Each ingredient is good for stressed skin: tea tree is a natural powerful antibacterial; aloe vera cools, moisturizes and calm irritated skin, while chlorophyllin helps to soothe the skin.

This tab has to be "thrown" into a bowl of hot water and its vapors should be collected and directed to one’s face by using a towel for about 10 minutes.
Using it is very relaxing and it should help to open the pores... my sister A used it and told me how it works.

A found the Tea Tree Toner Tab very pleasant and afterward felt her skin clean and soft, but she doesn’t know how much this tab has helped her to open the pores.
Fortunately, the life of a steamer tab doesn’t end with the vapours!

The water, once chilled, can be used as a toner for face and body and can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days. She did so and kept it into an empty spray bottle.
A loved how the toner left her skin well hydrated and appreciated its fresh scent; its effect and freshness remind her of Tea Tree Water, another Lush toner for oily skin.
She isn’t wrong has both products contain tea tree oil!

I took advantage of this DIY toner and I agree with her as my face felt incredibly supple and smooth after just one spritz!

The worst part is the price: everybody knows that Lush products’ prices vary depending on the country, in the UK these tabs are really affordable (1£ per piece) but in Italy each Tea Tree Toner Tab costs 2.50 €, this means that buying a stock of them, in order to use them as often as necessary, becomes problematic.
A recommends the Tea Tree Toner Tabs to those who have serious acne problems but, personally, she thinks she would buy them only occasionally to indulge and pamper herself a bit.

it’s 100% natural,
easy to use,
it can be used as a toner,
it leaves the skin moisturized and smooth

no offers

A multi-purpose product is always interesting but, considering the price and the ingredients, I think it could also be done at home.
The Tea Tree Toner Tab can be purchased online or in the shops Lush, it costs 1£ in the UK and 1.95$ in the US.
It would be great if Lush offered some special promotions on this product for multiple purchases.


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