Friday, 31 October 2014

My Halloween themed manicure: crazy pumpkins

I'm typing these words in good company: it's Halloween and for this particular occasion I've created a fun manicure.
The protagonists are four little pumpkins that are making me smile everytime I take a quick look at my nails. 

It's all free-handed, quite easy to do and needs a few nail polishes.

Each pumpkin has a different face, it looks like they're chatting and screaming... index is the first I've painted and is the bastard of the gang.

Fast brush strokes created an undefined and "impressionist" effect whom I totally love and find appropriate.

I've painted all my fingers with two coats of Avon Speed Dry+ Art Orange (discontinued, similar to Orange You Quick), the perfect pumpkin orange; I've lightened Art Orange, Avon nailwear pro+ in Lemon Sugar and
Noir Emerald with a drop of the white nail polish included in the Avon Nail Expert French Manicure kit and traced some random stripes, as variegated as pumpkins' skin is, with a fan brush and the Avon double end nail art brush.
Pumpkins' faces have been painted with the same white nail polish, Yamamay beauty #24 black nail lacquer, a smaller detail brush and two different dotting tools.
I've decorated my thumb in an easier way: pale orange vertical lines.

I'm truly satisfied by the result but, you know what, these crazy pumpkins aren't scary at all.
Here's a sketch, it's my treat for you...

Have a fun and chocoholic Halloween.


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