Wednesday, 9 July 2014

News: Lash Control, the squeezable mascara

Squeezable mascaras? Fancy invention? Not at all, indeed it’s a quite smart solution to an everyday task: applying mascara as neatly as possible while avoiding mess and waste of product. 
Lash Control looks like any other common mascaras but it has a little plus in its sleek tube: a plastic section.
This little trick allows people to literally squeeze the tube while pulling the wand out, meaning everyone is able to control the amount of mascara onto the brush.

What really surprised me is that, instead of a weird mascara, today’s innovation is limited to a portion of the product which still looks familiar to the public and easy to use.
This mascara, created by Jennifer Paulson Lee, simplifies a simple gesture and it’s also gentle with the lashes. It has a beeswax water-resistant base infused with botanical extracts to moisturize and promote lashes’ growth while being easy to remove and non irritating.
The formula features ginko biloba, ginger root, chamomile extracts, aloe and keratin amino acids, there’s no room for parabens.

Lash Control is available in three versions: the clear that acts as brow fixer or mascara top coat; the lengthening black formula with conic brush and the volumizing one with helicoidal brush giving the same black coverage while boosting the volume.
Each mascara can be identified by the colour of the plastic cylinder: transparent for the clear mascara, pink for the lengthening formula and purple for the volumizing one. That’s simply brilliant.

All Lash Control squeezable mascaras are available through at 25$ for the black mascaras and 18$ for the clear brow/lash fixer.
It you want to know more about Lash Control, you can check its Facebook page.
What’s your first impression on this unique squeezable, almost anti stress, mascaras?



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