Sunday, 20 July 2014

How to: refresh your second-day manicure #1 - polka dots and glitters

Let’s suppose you’re already bored by your manicure or you’ve just tried a new colour trend that doesn’t satisfy you that much, what to do? 
This is how to refresh and make your second-day manicure interesting and funnier than before.
With polka dots, glitter toppers or glequins (other cool way to call flat glitters for nails) we can create new designs while hiding bobbles, spots and digit prints! 
You need few things and little time, just a small dose of creativity is necessary.

Look at your nails, done? Say goodbye to the old style because it won’t be the same anymore. 
Before you go into action, don’t add a new layer of your previously worn nail polish, as you can mess everything up and get an uneven surface, while a nail polish smudge corrector would be great for this purpose but it isn't easy to find. 
Let’s get started with polka dots!

Over a pure white nail polish (the one I was wearing comes from the Avon Nail expert French kit) all colours pop, I used both pale and dark nail lacquers plus a neon one.
I just chose a crème finish for this first manicure, thus all the attentions go to the different tones, not to a distracting shimmer.
The nail lacquers I used are: Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Lemon Sugar, OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui, Eyeko Vintage Polish, Yamamay beauty fluo orange and Avon Color Trend Vixen… cute, right?
You can use what you have and love the most; then you’ll need some tools (the double end tool comes from Avon, the smaller one was part of this haul), an aluminum sheet, paper towels and nail polish remover.

Start with one nail colour at a time, place a few drops over a piece of aluminum sheet and go creating your polka dots.
I used two dotting tools to achieve different dimensions and, after a couple of dots, I quickly cleaned the point of my dotter by rubbing it over a paper towel in order to use less nail polish remover as possible.
When I was fine with the result I cleaned the dotters with an acetone-free remover and I continued with the other nail lacquers. 
I know, this process sounds quite long but believe me, it’s better to work per colour as some nail polishes tend to dry quicker than the others, they may become goopy and create annoying strands. 
I created a gradient effect by painting bigger and more dots on the tips of my nails, lesser and smaller near the cuticles, it’s a waterfall of cheerful confetti! 
You can finish off your manicure with a top coat or leave it au naturel as I did. The result is 3D both visually and to the touch.

The second way you can revamp your “old” manicure is adding extra shine! 
Is there anything instantly funnier than glitters? I don’t think so and if you agree with me, you’re going to love this manicure!

I applied one coat of Technic Carnival all over my nails, then I sponged it starting near the cuticle till the middle of my nails, in few words I created another gradient effect, then I smoothen the surface with Avon Smudge Fixer (don’t worry, you can use any clear top coat). 
Technic Carnival is a party in a bottle: it’s a clear base loaded with 1mm and 1/2 mm gold, cherry red, silver, blue and green hexagonal glitters, but this wasn’t enough for me…

While the topper was still fresh I’ve randomly applied with a waxy pencil some BPS emerald #12, acid gold #7 and antique rose #9 glequins.
These are less than 2 mm large and can be find on Born Pretty Store at 1,99$ each.
It’s a real bargain!
I’ve finished this manicure with a coat of fast drying top coat to seal everything.

To use polka dots, or to use glitters, that is the question.
How would you answer this kind of Hamletic question?