Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Quick Christmas themed manicures

It's also Christmas time for your hands! These are my four favourite manicures found on Pinterest, they are relatively easy to do.
I'll just add a few notes and their sources to help you recreating them.

1) A non conventional Christmas tree: it's a black french manicure and an accent nail with a black, sinuous tree drawn with a permanent ink marker, as the blogger has done.
If you have a black french pen, that would be the perfection!
The look is refined with a white speckled effect top coat and a silver star on the top of the tree. Any white glitter top coat will be fine and the star, like these ones I own, should be placed when the "special effect" nail lacquer is still wet. It's snowing!

2) This idea from Pshiiit.com is simply cute: azure nail polish with white dots and a little snowman on the accent nail. The nail polish she used reminds me of the old Eyeko Rain Polish, any pale blue is fine. 
With a dotter or a rounded point object, place some white dots, draw two larger dots over a nail that will be your accent one and create the little man's face and details with other nail polishes or acrylic paints.

3) Colourful glitters, you know how much I love glittery nails, right?
This manicure combines a neutral base and Christmassy tones (red, green and gold). The glitters have been applied starting from the base of the nail. You could use a sponge to apply the sparkly top coat in order to build the glitter layer with a nice gradient effect while avoiding excess nail polish.
When everything is dry, seal it with top coat to smooth the glitters.

4) Sugar candy cane design looks simple but may be quite time-consuming.
To realized a manicure similar to the fourth picture, start with entire white-painted nails, when they are completely dry, apply some scotch tapes or toes french manicure guides, like the Nailene Perfect tips and toes as they are straight, in order to form some stripes. 
You decide how many or how large they should be. Apply a red nail polish of your choice, plain or glittery. In the picture, the nail polish featured is Milani "Red Sparkle". When you have covered enough the empty spaces and the lacquer is still wet, remove quickly the tapes and wait till everything has dried up. Finish off by sealing everything with a top coat to smooth the result and even the surface.

Which one is your favourite and what will you wear this Christmas on your nails?
I'm quite in a hurry and I'm thinking about using a foil nail polish like Avon "Spacey Silver" or Lillalab "Bronze 53".
Enjoy the holidays!


  1. If I could only be able to do such lovely nail art. I adore all four nail looks, I especially prefer the number 3 :)
    Thanks for stopping by. xx


    1. Hey Maja,
      don't worry! You can do it!! ;-)
      Thank you and have a great weekend

  2. ooooooooh, why haven't I seen this post before, I adore these nailarts. Perhaps I try the 3de one with New Year :)

    1. The third manicure is absolutely festive and it's perfect for every type of party!!
      Have fun with it ;-)


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