Wednesday, 11 December 2013

News: Naillusion, the first ever nail color wand

A new product and a real innovation is going to hit the shelves soon, the brand name is Naillusion and we’re talking about the first ever nail color pen/wand.
There are already other pen nail, treatments or make-up products and now you’re probably wondering why this product is so special.

What makes Naillusion nail polish a real innovation is its particular packaging, in fact the nail lacquer is both in the bottle and the majority inside the pen; this means that the brush will never be dry or caked from previous applications!

The usage is really elementary, just unscrew the pen from its little jar/bottle, remove the excess product as you normally do with your ordinary nail polish applicator and click the button on the cap to get fresh lacquer on the brush. VoilĂ , it’s simple!

There will be six colours for four different finishes/line: hot neon, glitter, metallic and pastel.
This newness will be launched starting from January 2014 in drug store chains.
If you’re interesting in becoming a distributor, you can visit Naillusion. You can also find there the full range of products.
I'm thrilled about it and I think it could really make nail polish application easier and faster.
What is your opinion about?


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