Monday, 23 December 2013

Last-minute Christmas gifts... 2013

Do you need some last-minute idea for your Christmas gifts?
Christmas is really near and you don't have to worry about it, because I'm late as a lot of other people and I've collected some digital presents to show you.
Before buying, think first of those who will receive your gifts and take a look at your wallet. You don't need to spend a fortune to make people happy and, thankfully, this stressful period will pass quite quikly.

There are always your female friends who like everything beauty, right?
How about creating a little package with some customizable essentials (mascara, lip balm or lip tint, etc...) or something ready to be packed like these two options?
Pupa has always cute palettes and this one is from its new limited edition Christmas collection called "Pupa Princess". Its pallettes and beauty kits are usually bulky, but this sparkly clutch is compact enough, it has a magnet lock and a sliding compartment that make it handier. It looks very festive, the only flaw? Too may lip glosses.
For the nail maniac, a particular manicure kit would be ideal.
The Ciaté Colourfoil is fun, let your pals play and have fun with it. You can find it, with all the other Ciaté kit and nail polishes, at your local Sephora.

L-R Pupa Princess Palette (31,20 euros) - Ciaté Colourfoil manicure kit  at Sephora

In your family there could be a tea gourmand, you can make he/she happy with a tin jar or box filled with a nice selection of some classic tea and spicy, aromatic infusions of your choice.

Derriere la Porte tea and tisane boxes via Wearunique

Accessories are always welcome! A particular necklace or an everyday bag will be appreciated gifts, for sure.
This Promod necklace has crossed golden chains and a painted strass composition as a central piece, the fabric bag is from Carpisa and can be used with or without strap. 

L-R Beautiful necklace Promod (19,96 euros) - Carpisa bag (29,90 euros)

In my opinion, Christmas means staying together and what better occasion that playing a board game?
S.P.Q.Risiko is the Roman version of this classic game and it's quite fun. I'm not as good as I'd love to be, I think I'll pass and I skip to a card game.
For the younger ones, how about an instructive game? Kids could pass their vacation exploring the universe, the past, the art or our ecosystem!
I still remember when I got a game like those and tried to create a sphinx plaster statuette. Too bad, my dad decided to help me and messed up with the plaster recipe. The statuette has never come completely to life.

Bath and body products, what a dilemma: to buy or not to buy?
I say yes if a bath kit comes in a cute and reusable box or if it includes scented and pampering products.
Giving a simple bath foam and soap isn't that fun or even gentle.
On the left you can find "Christmas Friends", a tin and happy box containing six cute Lush products (bath bombs, bubble bars), while at the right there's L'Occitane "Delicate Cherry Blossom Collection".
This is a luxurious pack filled with cherry blossom scented products (hand cream, eau de toilette, shower gel and hand soap).

L-R "Christmas Friends" Lush (48,95$) - L'Occitane "Delicate Cherry Blossom Collection" (49£)

As last year, I have a little present for the house furry friends.
Scratchable cardboards! You can find them in every pet shop, as big or small as you like. If you have enough money, you can also find cat towers with toys, bed and scratch "areas".
The cat will satisfy its needs and you'll save your couch.

No wait, your furniture won't be 100% safe as it depends on the kitty.

I hope you liked my little ideas!
Enjoy your holidays and take care.
Valntina Chirico aka Valens


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