Sunday, 29 December 2013

Kiko - Sugar Mat #634

This is the Kiko nail polish I've shown you previously, it's the Sugar Mat n° 634.
Among all the crazy textures available now, I wanted absolutely to try this "sandy" effect, so here I'm with this little gem from Kiko.

The Sugar Mat nail polishes have a grainy texture, they are gritty to the touch and some have a bit of pearly shimmer and even glitters!
The n° 634 is a pale pastel pink and it's totally mat, it sounds quite easy to describe but, under artificial white lights, I can notice a tinge of blue that makes this nail polish looks slightly light lilac (as seen in the haul post).
The formula is not too liquid and I've found it extremely easy to apply.
I've needed just two thin coats to reach the full opacity and cover entirely the nails with grains.
Obviously, this effect isn't long-lasting, indeed after two days I noticed the surface to be sleeker.
I wore protective gloves while doing the boring housecleaning, thus the colour lasted three days before it has started chipping, it's always a mat nail polish and this is totally normal.

I like the colour as well as the effect; I think that the discreet tone and the total mat finish make this particular nail polish wearable every time.
It costs 2.90€ and the bottle contains 11 ml of product, a great price for this quantity!
This nail lacquer was part of a limited edition Sugar Mat line and, at the moment, you can find just few shades and an eight piece limited edition set both online and at the Kiko counters.

After all, I like it a lot and I think I will buy more "sugary" nail polishes in the near future.
How about you? Have you tried a Sugar Mat or a similar nail lacquer?



  1. I never heard of this nail polish brand before but I love the texture it has in your pictures! I'll have to try to get my hands on it lol

    1. Hi Thalia, this is an Italian brand that's distribuited in here and there in Europe...
      I've heard that Kiko is planning to expand itself but it doesn't know when buying from overseas will be possible. :(
      Don't worry, there are a lot of options of sandy nail polishes in the US and everywhere!!
      xoxo and have a great day!

  2. wow, sounds like a wonderful nailpolish! I wish I could find this brand here, the effect is absolutely amazing :)

    xoxo The Mad Twins

    1. Thank you for coming here, sweet twins!
      Yes, it's hard to find and it's a very sad note for this brand.
      I hope Kiko will arrive in Belgium soon.


  3. This is a new brand to me but the color is just so perfect!
    Thanks for visiting my blog hun.

  4. Do they really look like this- it's brilliant texture! :) xx


    1. Yes, they're exactly like this one... there are also sandy nail polishes with chunky glitters but this one is "minimal" and it's perfect.
      I agree with your opinion about!
      Thanks for stopping by :)


  5. I can't believe I still haven't tried any nail polish with this effect! I really like the shade of pink you've picked, I can be very picky with pinks haha xx
    Alex -

    1. Hey Alex, thanks for coming here!!!
      I'm so happy you liked this shade and I hope you'll try something like this soon! These texturezed nail polishes may look weird but I assure you they're quite fun to wear!! ;-)


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