Friday, 29 November 2013

The powerful Scorpio: zodiacal-themed bath, beauty and accessories

Every little Scorpio out there already celebrated its birthday (I wish in the best way possible), but I want to make you feel still special with some unique bath and beauty stuff and accessories inspired by our zodiac sign.
Scorpio is described as one of the most intense, passionate and intricate sign character. A bit possessive and very determinate, do you think it's right?

The colour that matches this sign the most is maroon but, in my opinion, any dark tone can catch our attention. At least it does work with me!
For example, this nail polish is dark as a far galaxy, it's a black holo filled with multicolored sparkles (a duochrome that shifts between pink, purple green and blue). It's Scorpio from Black Cat Lacquer.

Scorpio (Zodiac collection) - Black Cat Lacquer (11$)

Lime Crime’s glitter is also inspired by our more obscure and mysterious side… 
It’s simply black with colourful shimmer.

Scorpio Zodiac glitter - Lime Crime (12.99$)

Scorpio is one of the five signs in the Nail Constellation line by MUA, where every bottle has coloured beads to be used in order to create a particular caviar effect. 
Each bottle has a themed colour mix, the one inspired by scorpio contains golden, reddish, violet and green beads.

Scorpio Nail Constellation - MUA (3£)

Scents are the most personal product on the market, it’s really hard to reconcile everyone on something and it’s totally fine that everyone has its own taste.
Let’s think about bath products and essences: which one will fit this particular character better?
Ginger and geranium, a spicy and floral blend, or a calming orange and vanilla mix?

Astrological Heavenly Eau de Toilette (25.99$) and soy candle (25.99$) - Soular Therapy
Scorpio shampoo and lotion set (35$) - Zodiac Baby

Strawberry and lemon or a mixture of black pepper, basil, vanilla and cardamom?
Spicy and fruity notes are a common point of all these perfumes. 
The second scent intrigues me a lot!

Left Scorpio perfume (8,95$) and candle - Scentual Goddess
Right Scorpio essential oil (8,50$) - Moon Goddess Magick

At the end, two variants of necklace designed for women and girls.
I've always loved pendants, especially the ones we can open and close and allow us to keep something secret.
This long brass necklace with pendant, however, has a perforated wall (then no secret), a small plate with the printed zodiac symbol and a pyrite stone along the chain.

Scorpio Constellation brass necklace (34.50$) - Soradesign

Through the festive Avon catalog there are some silver plated necklaces, one for each sign of the western zodiac. They look perfect as a gift for Christmas.

Hello Kitty necklace - Avon (7.90 euros)

Look around, are there any scorpions with you or are you one of us? 
Ask her or ask yourselves: which colour and scent describe your personality? 
Leave your thoughts with a comment.



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  2. Thanks a lot for featuring the scorpio locket necklace. Wen

    1. Wen, I'm so happy you've appreciated it.
      Keep up the great work!


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