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Indie creations: Chen Giladi-Sagiv from Alma Belle and La Petite Alma Belle

I’ve previously shown one of her creations and now I’m happy to fully present you Chen Giladi-Sagiv, the mind behind the Etsy shops "Alma Belle" and "La Petite Alma Belle".
Chen, jewellery designer from Israel, is the example of a creative soul that decides to leave a serious job to pursue her two biggest loves: her daughter and the art.
If you have an idea in your head, big things are going to come and this has exactly happened to Chen. 
After two years of work, she’s opened two shops: “Alma Belle” for women and “La Petite Alma Belle” for younger girls.
Alma, the recurring name, is Chen’s daughter’s name and means young girl in Hebrew and soul in Spanish. How lovely is this story?
Her creations combine precious metals and polymer clay (Alma Belle) in a very unique way, while she has reserved for the little ones tender hair pieces and tiny, colourful accessories.
Come with me to discover some creations, the rest of her story and a special gift for all my reader…

The Big Bang, silver and white necklace
silver-plated brass, rhodium plated brass and polymer clay
Happy Summer -gold statement necklace, color block
24K gold-plated brass and polymer clay
Lace and Roses, gold flower earrings
24K gold-plated brass and zirconia
Baroque Dance - gold long oriental necklace
24K gold-plated chain, golden wire, Swarovski crystal
Exotic Spirit, blossom earrings
925 silver posts, rhodium plated brass and beads
Alma Belle packaging
Children purple earrings, polymer clay
Satin star hair clips
Owl ponytail holder

How and when was Alma Belle born?
When my daughter was born in 2010, I realised that I am not doing the things I love, and I decided to quit my job, as a criminal lawyer, and devote myself to raising her, and to my great love – Art.
After I gave birth to my lovely daughter Alma, I have noticed that there are no cute affordable accessories for babies and girls; everything was too big or too flashy, so I decided to open my second shop "La Petite Alma Belle".
Could you tell us something about your background? Where are you from?
I live in a little town in Israel, near Tel Aviv, and I work from my home studio.
When have you met your passion for creations?
I always had passion for fashion and beauty, and as a child I went to every craft classes or workshops out there. When I grew up I decided to learn a "grown up" profession, and I went to law school. After a couple of years in that field I understood that it's not what I want to do with my life, and I decided to go back to my old love - art.
I was self-taught most of the techniques, and due to the fact that my mother is a goldsmith I was able to learn the more difficult things from her. So that’s how the jewelry shop "Alma Belle" was born.
How do you imagine your typical customer?
I imagine my customer as a young woman, mom, grandmother with free spirit, that love to dress up and looking good and that it is important for her to be unique and to have cute stylish accessories for her daughter, grandchild or niece.
What inspires you the most?
The inspiration for "Petite" is mainly from my daughter and her BFF'S :-)
They are telling what is cool and I need to deliver!
The inspiration for "Alma Belle" is from nature, fashion shows and trends around the world and music.
Do you have an inspiring place (where you sketch or create your jewellery)?
The greatest ideas usually come to me in bed, before I go to sleep, so I keep a little notebook on my night dresser. 
Do you have a project for the near future?
I am hoping to grow and expand my work in both shops and I am hoping that by next year the brand "Alma Belle" will sell in boutiques around the world.
I am also hoping to launch my 3rd store: "House of Alma Belle" – accessories for the home and the nursery room.

Best wishes to Chen, I can’t wait to see her new shop! You can stay updated with Chen’s newest creations and sales on Facebook, just click here for the official Alma Belle page and here for La Petite Alma Belle.
Is it your first time purchasing on Etsy? You can find some help in this guide.

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