Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Trends: White nails (yay or nay?)

What's the latest trend about nails? To find the answer, just surf online and take a look at the celebrities who flaunt their "claws"… all painted in white!

The talented Lea Michele and the sexy bomb Kim Kardashian have tried it on short nails for a simple manicure and a result at the limit of the natural.

Lea Michele and Kim Kardashian showing their pretty white manicures

A white nail polish immediately stands out and doesn’t forgive even the smallest mistake, sometimes it’s too fluid and not opaque enough, it really requires a lot of patience.

White on medium lenght nails
source Pinterest

This time I’ve chosen to recycle: I’ve used the white nail polish from the Avon nail expert french manicure kit.
For an optimal coverage, to eliminate imperfections and to make my nails extra shiny I needed three coats of nail polish, two coats of Smudge fixer and some acetone (with a brush, of course).
I'm not really satisfied but I’m happy because I can make use of this "white as the snow" base for other creations..

White isn’t a colour and not everyone love it, is it worth it?
Do you approve this trend or do you hate it?


picture sources: 1,2


  1. Not really a fave one... reminds me of school and kids that painted their nails with ink eraser.

    1. hahaha school time super cheap manicure!!! XD
      I appreciate your opinion, I know this is a strange trend.
      You don't know how many people has looked at my nails in a very weird way in these latest days!!!

  2. When I started to use nail polish regulary, I used only white polish on all my nail. I did this about for a couple of years. Therefore I don't dislike this manicure :)

    1. Really? This sounds so cool!
      Feel free to show me your white manicure on my Fb page ;-)

  3. Not really a fave one... reminds me of school and kids that painted their nails with ink eraser.



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