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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Curiosity: Spicy Subscriptions, a box for two?

The monthly box subscription service is a worldwide phenomenon, but how wrong I was when I thought the only ones were about make-up and girly stuff!
It seems there's something for everyone: girls, mothers, creativity lovers, Japanophiles and couples! 

Yes, there’s also a box for couples and it’s called Spicy Subscriptions.
When I’ve found this news, I ran to see what it was.
Don't blush, please!

For the curiosity section, today I’m talking about the box that aims to spice up people’s love life.
It works like any other box: you subscribe to the service and then receive a package with “mysterious” products at home, in this case there could be candles, massage oils, sexy toys, educational books and a few articles of make-up and lingerie.

Each box can cost $ 24.95 (Premium) or $ 34.95 (Deluxe), shipment is free, open worldwide and there’s also a section of the site dedicated to the sale of individual items
So far it’s ok, but the privacy? Even the privacy of members seems protected, the box is anonymous.

If your attention is still here this far, you deserve a gift, in fact the Spicy Subscriptions staff has developed a special code just for you, dear readers: with the code "valenspervoi" you can save 5% on your order. 
What do you think of the sexy and romantic transformation of the surprise box idea?


picture source: SpicySubscriptions site
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