Tuesday, 9 July 2013

(old) NOTD: The Vixen's skittles manicure

Thanks to an old China Glaze collection, I’ve wondered how could I define a vixen. A temptress, a "malicious woman with a fierce temperament', according to the online dictionaries. Which nail polish or manicure should I choose for a woman like that? A red, a taupe? None of these! 
I’ve rummaged through my collection and I’ve put together particular colours for an equally particular skittles. I’ve mixed and matched more neutral and warm tones, all with different finishes. The result was a quite autumnal skittles manicure.

The nail polishes used in this post are:

- Avon, Golden Wine: vivid red, shimmer;
- Avon, Noir Emeald: emerald green, metallic;
- Avon, Naked Truth: nude beige, crème;
- First Lady No. 24: dark plum, lucid;
- First Lady 7: salmon pink, shimmer and sheer.

Indoor, indirect afternoon sunlight + flash

I’ve applied on the thumbs three layers of Golden Wine, an intense red with a shimmery finish, with tone on tone red and golden reflective particles.
With the first layer it looks burgundy, but it looks like in the bottle with three thin coats. Suspended there are small golden flakes (or gold flakes), very visible in the bottle, which you see on the nails if you look very carefully and while removing the nail polish (without a base coat the flakes may remain on the nails).

from left to right: Golden Wine, Noir Emerald, Naked Truth (Avon)
First Lady n°24. First Lady n°7

On both indices, Emerald Noir, one of my favorite glazes put on the market by Avon. It’s a very dark metallic emerald green that, in the bottle and depending on the light source, seems a green-blue duo chrome. No doubt, it’s extremely interesting. Here I used two coats.

on the nail wheel

Naked Truth is a particular natural or nude nail polish, if you like the term nude. In the bottle it looks beige with a touch of pink, live you can notice a quite cool mauve undertone. The finish is crème and its texture is neither too liquid nor too mushy.
I’ve used three coats and one coat of a liquid nail polish corrector (Avon smudge fixer), to make the glaze more homogeneous, because it can happen to apply it in the wrong way.

Indoor, indirect noon sunlight

On the ring fingers I had the First Lady No. 24 nail enamel, it's a simple and lucid dark plum that needs two coats to get the best coverage.
Here I've only used one coat.

afternoon sunlight

On my pinkies I’ve used the First Lady No. 7, a translucent salmon pink with shimmer finish. The things that make it so special are the particles that enrich the nail polish itself: golden (which turn pink depending on the light) and silver together. The first time I’ve tried it, I immediately thought of a French manicure! It might be a good substitute for the contrast nail enamel.
Its consistency is very liquid and tends to flow towards the edges of the nails.
For these pictures I’ve used three coats and the liquid corrector (Avon smudge fixer), it was still translucent but I like the gel effect I’ve created.

Note, Golden Wine is an old discontinued nail polish, in the US there’s one with the same name but I don’t know if it looks like mine.
The other Avon nail polishes are available and their price varies depending on the country, here the regular price is 7,95 euros. The First Lady nail polishes are a preview of an Italian line.
I apologize so much, it's a totally out of season 
manicure! I love it anyway.
Which nail polish attracts you the most?



  1. Mi sono innamorata del nude biege *.* Stupendo!!

    1. Se lo vuoi fai un fischio, ti posso aiutare! :)

  2. Oddio ma che meraviglia *__* mi piace tantissimo

    1. Grazie!!! Non mi aspettavo tanti complimenti :D

  3. sono tutti dei bellissimi colori^^

  4. Oh really cute nail polish color!
    Now I´m following you in GFC I hope your follow me back there!


    1. Thanks so much for following me :)

  5. They all look lovely. My favorite is the one from Avon.

    xx Mira


    1. Thank you, Mira!
      Yes, Avon has some "surprise" nail polishes in its collection

  6. Beautiful colors!! !would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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