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Thursday, 11 April 2013

NOTD: dipped into gold

A few days ago, during a boring afternoon, I decided to do my manicure.
I opted for a very dark nail polish, I choose an intense plum from the First Lady line, it's the number 24 and it isn't in the Italian market yet. So, yes it's a sneak peek!
I applied two thin coats, once dried, I applied a golden glittery top coat with 1mm hexagonal and small round glitters, the Avon Color Trend "Gold Flecked", from the tip of the nail to half lenght. 
Again I let the nail polish to air dry and then I applied two coats of a super cheap glitter top coat I have in my nail polish stash, somewhere.
It's an anonymous top coat, slightly pink-ish in the bottle, with some round small colourful glitters and fine powder.
These last glitters are so sparse that I can't notice them at a first sight!

Outdoor/natural light afternoon

Recipe: First Lady nail polish n°24 + Color Trend Gold Flecked + glitter top coat

I love very much how it came, it was easy to do and, above all, very sparkly.
The First Lady nail polish looks black indoor (see picture below) and the Color Trend glitter top coat shines like gold foils! I think it's a winning combination.

Indoor/artificial light

Enjoy and don't forget to shine!



  1. Complimenti *-*
    E' stupenda <3 vorrei tanto quello smaltino color oro, è proprio bello ^_^

    1. Grazie!!!
      Sono felice che ti sia piaciuto il risultato :)

  2. black glitter is always a good combo!

    1. Yes, glitters go really with... everything ;-)
      Thanks for visiting me!

  3. wow bellissimo!!! è davvero bello, di solito non amo i colori scuri sulle unghie ma questo è favoloso!

    1. Un pò in ritardo ma ci tengo tantissimo a ringraziarti.... grazie Valeeee!

  4. Replies
    1. Wow thank you, Shalini!
      It's the first time I got a compliment on my hands ^-^

  5. stupenda nail art!
    se ti va passa a trovarmi:

  6. i love your nail art! super stunning! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  7. Love the Mani !
    Thank you for following my blog , i followed back .

    1. Thank you, you're very sweet!
      You're welcome here!!

  8. bellissimo!! Complimenti!!

    Grazie per essere passata, ti seguo volentieri :)


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