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Indie creations: Lion Studio

In today’s spotlights there’s a new independent creative I want to introduce you.
Welcome to Lei Sihan, the mind behind Lion Studio. Lei Sihan is a graduated with an MA from the School of Jewellery at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design who, after exploring traditional headwear, contemporary narrative art and fashion designs, has found her way to convey her passion for design and show her point of view about aesthetic with a jewellery line called Lion Studio.
The goal of Lion Studio is “bringing beauty to the challenge of daily life” and the primary concept of the first collection, which is composed by the two series “Heavy fly” and “My Direction”, is “Be Outstanding”.
This collection is based on the Buddhist philosophy and it’s characterized by sharp triangles, representing strength and direction, and cogs that demonstrate the endless reoccurrence of life. Each piece shows the “beauty born of struggle” and inspires perseverance and courage because “worries will come full circle to solutions”.
All Lion Studio jewels are made up of crystals, customized agate and nickel free, hypoallergenic double plated brass and are produced by skilful craftsman. “Lion Studio jewellery is made with you in mind and hopes to compliment your strong character and sense of humour. Wear, enjoy and above all - be outstanding.” 
Continue with the reading to see a selection of these jewels (and some of my favourite) and to read a little interview with Lei Sihan. 
I’m sure the power and charming beauty of this brand new line will conquer you! 

My Direction - necklace
with pink/light brown Swarovski and double plated brass
My Direction - necklace
with pink/light brown Swarovski and double plated brass

Heavy fly - necklace
with customised white transparent agate, pink/light brown Swarovski and double plated brass

My Direction - necklace
with emerald/light turquoise Swarovski and double handmade plated brass

Heavy fly - necklace
with customised agate, emerald/light turquoise Swarovski and double plated brass

My Direction - necklace
with emeald/light turquoise Swarovski and double plated brass

My Direction - long necklace
with customised black agate, pink/light brown Swarovski and double plated brass

Heavy fly - earrings
with double plated brass available in gun metal/ light gold/ with steel

When have you met your passion for fashion and design?Since I arrived in London. But before I moved in London, I studied and worked on jewellery design 6 years already. 
Could you tell us something about your background? Where are you from? 
I came from south of China. I was focused on traditional Chinese art and beauty when I studied BA (Jewellery design) in Beijing. I used lot of time to research and design Chinese traditional jewellery such as hair wear.
When I realised I need fresh idea, I applied MA (Contemporary art jewellery) at School of Jewellery, Birmingham. When I started my internship for a fashion brand in London, immediately I realised fashion design is my passion. 
What inspires you the most? 
People, old classic movies and books. 
Do you have an "inspiring" place (where you sketch or create you accessories)?
V&A Museum, Coffee shop, Tube, my Sofa, anywhere. 
How do you imagineyour typical customer?
When you choose my jewellery to wear, I know you are very clear what you want, you are confident, independent and charming. 
Do you have a project for the near future? 
Yes, next collection will be done beginning of September 2013. 
Where people can buy your creations? 
2013 fall winter collection can be ordered by email to
Buying from store informations will be shown online soon. 

Picture by Adam Katz Sinding via Wmagazine

Lion Studio jewellery retail price is around 20~400 pounds (30~470 EUR).

Lion Studio was spotted during London Fashion week as you can see online in the Elle Uk and in the WMagazine.
Do you want to know more? You can visit Lion Studio website and the related Facebook page.

Let's support indies!



  1. Che strani questi gioielli! perĂ² devo dire che la collana My Direction mi piace!


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