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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fuchsia eyeliner? Why not!

By focusing the make-up on your eyes, all attentions go to them.
When I'm in a hurry I opt for a simple winged eyeliner but I'm tired of black so I choose a pop of colour. I increasingly often use a bright fuchsia in my make-up looks.
The one I'm using at the moment is a baked eyeshadow from the Beauty Group's new line called First Lady. 
It isn't sold outside Italy but if you're curious, you can find the full review with more pictures here (Italian article).
It's the n°8 (Skinkifra) eyeshadow and it can be worn both wet or dry. To create my eyeliner, I take a bit of the powder and I simply mix it with a few drops of water.
I apply the paste with a thin angled brush, then I set it with the same dry eyeshadow and voilà! It lasts for hours and hours...

First Lady - wet and dry backed eyeshadow n°8

It's an amazing shade and looks perfect with hazel, brown and green eyes.
See how it makes the green portion of my iris pop!



  1. bellissimo questo colore e ti dona anche molto^^

    1. Grazie Anna, sei un tesoro!!! :D

  2. i think this fuchsia eyeliner looks great on you

    1. Ohhhh thank you very much ^-^

  3. E' un colore fantastico!
    Sono una nuova follower, complimenti per il blog :)
    Se ti va passa anche da me...
    p.s. anche io studio archeologia (ma medievale) :)
    Timeless Mode

    1. Grazie mille!!!
      Archeologhe in rete, uniamoci :D

  4. love it!


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