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Tips for a healthier life and a good diet

During the holidays we always tend to treat ourselves too much with goodness and then, when our work or study reminds us of our duties, we tend to spend too much time sit and relaxed. 
If you want to fight those extra pounds, here are some great tips that my dietitian has wisely shared with me and that are able to improve anyone's lifestyle and diet.

- Avoid these types of food: meats, sweets, dried fruits and fruits in syrup, wine and all alcoholic beverages, butter, lard, margarine and fresh cream. 
- Prefer natural, seasonal, fresh and whole foods. You can use frozen food, while all canned foods are to be avoided. 
- When the hunger appears in the afternoon, you can have a snack with fresh fruits, a jar of light yogurt or 10 g. of popcorn. 
- Salt dishes with sea salt (I use ordinary salt but I reduce the dose). 
- You can moderately drink coffee, teas and herbal teas that can be sweetened with the sweetener you like the most. However, the choice is vast and the scientific studies are still ongoing on some artificial sweeteners.
- About the right cooking technique: food should be steamed and may be flavoured with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, apple vinegar, fresh or dried herbs and spices. 
- You have to drink at least two liters of water per day, in the morning and between meals, but you have to drink less during meals. 
- Eat sitting quietly, trying not to watch the TV. (Maybe because when we are “hypnotized” by the television, we tend to eat quickly and carelessly? I was wondering and this seems to be the right answer.)
- Avoid sedentary behaviours. 
- Practise sports or other physical activities such as aerobic exercises, cycling, stepping, walking, dancing, skiing (but don't forget to protect yourself with a warm jacket), skating etc...

Yoga @ Parkhotel Igls made by marketing deluxe

The hardest part is the last one. How can we reconcile our commitments with the physical activity? And what can we do when the weather doesn’t allow us to train ourselves outdoors?
As a doc lazy girl, I’ve thought to avoid public transport when I’m in a bigger city and to walk a lot. So leave your car in the garage box and use your legs instead, or, if your city allows it, use your bike. Biking is a great exercise and you will also help the environment in this way.
If you're at home and if you dislike classic aerobics, I recommend yoga. It may seem strange but I haven’t tried anything so effective and relaxing than yoga. 
Thanks to this ancient practise, you will work out many muscles, breathe deeply and in sync with the movements, while your mind will clean itself from negative thoughts and will join harmonically with your body. In two full weeks of yoga, I can get a physical lightness and a peacefulness sensation I’ve never felt before.
I don't look like a sylph, probably I will never be as graceful as one of these, but these tips are helping me to reduce my weight slowly.
Slowly, as this process should always be.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Ciao valens!!! ottimi consigli! in effetti la vita sedentaria non aiuta per niente XD ihihihi post utilissimo!! *^* grazie per aver condiviso i segreti della dietologa!

  2. io sono pigrissima mamma miaaaaaaaaaaaa...

  3. An active lifestyle and healthy diet is key. You can't have one without the other.

  4. Auguri Vale!!! buon onomastico!! :) anche se in ritardo x3

  5. Ottimi consigli, dovrei solo metterli in pratica xD

  6. I should follow your great tips <3



  7. @Vale @Anna Santese @Drama&Makeup: Grazie!!! @Stylish By Nature @Mira: Thank you, I'm so happy you like my tips ^-^


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