Monday, 7 January 2013

Book review: "OMG I lost my job! What do I do now?" by Carolyn Woods

At this unfavourable economic juncture, there's nothing worse than losing a job. 
It may sound strange but there are manuals for this situation too, as the last book I’ve read, “OMG I lost my job! What do I do now?” by Carolyn Woods, shows. Author of guides for moms and families, Carolyn explains how to “survive” to an unexpected firing with handy advice and an agreeable, linear style.
Short chapters guide the reader through Carolyn’s three steps to a new job: valuation, planning and implementation. Whether you are searching for a permanent job you like or a stopgap temporary work, this little manual will give you spaces for self-evaluation and activity plans, ideas about how to keep yourself economically afloat, develop new skills, tie up contacts, create a complete curriculum vitae and get ready for a work interview. 
In my opinion, some tips can’t be suited to different social-economical-geographical backgrounds in comparison with the North American one, but I’ve found Carolyn’s work extremely enlightening and still useful.
Her book is a mine of ideas and, beside this practical aspect, it's very motivational. 
The reading goes smoothly and the style is simple and informal: “OMG I lost my job!” gives me the impression of having a chat (about work, of course) with an expert friend. 
At the end of the book I’ve understood what I should have done during my previous unprofitable job search, which advice I should follow and I've got a lot of hints especially about courses I can follow for free. 
I really think it's worth reading. 

Book Identity card 

Title: Omg I Lost My Job! What Do I Do Now?: A Workbook and Guide to Find a New Job You Love - Before You Run Out of Money! 
Author: Carolyn Woods 
Author’s sites 
Genre: manual 
ISBN: 1481207768 

Pages: 67 
Price: 7,95$/ Kindle edition 4,04$ 
Where to buy:

A copy was sent me for review


  1. wow non conoscevo questo libro! :) sembra interessante!

  2. non sconoscevo nemmeno io questo libro sembra davvero molto interessante^^


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