Monday, 20 August 2012

Pedikur Herbal Cream

Summer: boots lie from long time away from our sight and feet are almost always on display.
If you feel embarrassed because of your feet and you think you really need an intensive treatment, I show you a product that could be very useful in your case.
The protagonist of today is the Pedikur Herbal Cream, a cream for hands and feet that the company, Pedikur, describes in this way:

"Pedikur Herbal Hand & Foot Cream is especially created for use after your Pedikur Lotion treatment. This moisturising hand and foot cream with Sage, Thyme and Rosemary will help to maintain the results achieved with the lotion. Apply sparingly at least twice a week to your hands and feet."

It can be applied both on hands and feet, but I only used it on my feet, since they are very rough and, sometimes, my heels are cracked.
I haven't got the lotion, so I always use the cream after a long foot bath and after removing the top layer of the dry skin with a spatula.
The package is 75 ml, it seems quite smallish, but first impressions can be deceptive! In fact, I need a small amount of product to rehydrate my skin quickly without making it greasy.
An additional cover protects the cream and avoid losses, so it is easy to carry around.
This cream contains extracts of rosemary, thyme, sage and Horse-chestnut, but its scent is purely balsamic. It may not appeal to everyone, but I like it.
It's a product that does what it promises, and very strange to me, its result is longer than what the other creams I've used do: the day after my treatment and the application, part of the sole of my feet was still smooth and soft .
I won it during a giveaway, but it's easy to find on the net.
Normally it costs 10 pounds, a price that would be right for a great product, but not so convenient to European customers who pay more than 12 euros for it.


- effective,
- rapid absorption,
- nice, balsamic scent (subjective).


- price for European consumers (£ 10 = € 12.72)

This cream, like all other Pedikur products, can be purchased online through the Pedikur site or Beauty Chamber.
Would you spend 12 euro for a cream like this?
Once finished I'd do it, if I could.


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