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Sneak Peek: Essence "Soul Sista" and "Fruity" trend editions

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Solo Soul Sista, tra queste nuove collezioni, figura tra le anteprime del sito italiano Essence. Visita il mio per scoprire le novità previste per l' Italia!*

Are you ready to dance under the disco ball?
Essence will make you jump into the 70's with its new trend edition called Soul Sista! Summery bronzes blend with golden yellow, strong rosé and turquoise shades to create colorful looks reminiscent of the disco era.

essence soul sista eyeshadow palette
Turn the beat around! The eyeshadow palette is available in two versions with eight long-lasting trendy colors each to ensure plenty of different eye make-up looks for that special sun goddess look in the springtime! Thanks to the included applicator and the palette’s practical mini-format, it’s the perfect party companion. Available in 01 hey soul sista and 02 call it boogie. Around 2.99 €.

essence soul sista glitter eyeliner
Glitter girls! This glitter eyeliner is available in a dark brown and a cool aqua shade to give party sistas gorgeous, sparkling eyes. Glamorous style is guaranteed in an instant thanks to the ultra-accurate applicator. Available in 01 james's favorite brown and 02 diving @ swimming pool. Around 2.29 €

essence soul sista lipgloss
Sun kissed lips! The soft, creamy lipgloss gives your lips breathtaking, shimmering effects and pampers them with lots of moisture. Simply essential for ultimate (summer) style! Available in the two long-lasting and beautiful summery colors:
01 shake your booty and 02 lounge chair affair. Around 1.79 €.

essence soul sista liquid bronzer
This gentle bronzing fluid gives your skin a touch of summer sun with its fine shimmer particles for a gorgeous tanned look. And it feels lovely and smooth on your face and neckline, too! Available in 01 shake your booty. Around 2.49 €.

essence soul sista bronzing powder
Feel like a touch of color? The matt powder with a light golden shimmer conjures-up a naturally tanned look on your face and neckline. The cool embossed pattern offers a fresh breeze of summer in your bathroom day after day. Available in 01 shake your booty. Around 2.99 €.

essence soul sista powder brush
The perfect match – not just for the soul sista bronzing powder. Whether you use loose or compact powder, this super-soft and supple kabuki powder brush harmonizes with any powder and ensures a smooth application. Available in 01 70ies hair style. Around 3.99 €.

essence soul sista nail polish
Color your life! The five fabulous nail polish colors awaken a spirit for life. And with their light shimmer, they’ll sparkle as bright as a disco ball when you hit the clubs! So there’s just one question left to answer: where are all my soul sistas? Let me hear y’all flow sistas! Available in 01 chilled orange, 02 james's favorite brown, 03 lounge chair affair, 04 totally retro nude and 05 mojito green. Around 1.79 €.

The essence “Soul Sista" trend edition will be available in stores in March and April 2012.

The next trend edition, "Fruity", is an explosion of fresh and spring tones.
You'll find delicate colours that will make you think of strawberries, bananas, kiwis, oranges and berries and gentle textures for your eyes, lips and face.

essence fruity – eyeshadow sorbet
Sorbet for your eyelids! The eyeshadow sorbet has a delicate mousse texture in fabulous, fresh springcolors. It is easy to apply and ensures beautifu
l moments... available in 01 peach beauty, 02 banana joe and 03 one kiwi a day… Around 2.79 €.

essence fruity – lipbalm
Hmmmm, yummy! This lipbalm is available in two fruity flavours and colors to pamper your lips with the delicious taste of spring. Available in 01 peach beauty and 02 very cherry. Around 1.99 €.

essence fruity – blush sorbet

A boost of freshness for a gorgeous finish: the blush with a sorbet texture perfectly complements your early summer fruity look with an intense pink-red shade. Simply dab the airy and light formula on your cheeks with your fingertips and your natural look is done! Available in 01 smoothie operator. Around 2.79 €.

essence fruity – nail polish

Wanted: Fruity colors! As colorful and shimmering as springtime – these five good mood colors bring the loveliest season of the year to your nails! An absolute must-have for the fruity spring look. Available in 01 banana joe, 02 peach beauty, 03 very cherry, 04 one kiwi a day… and 05 mashed berries. Around 1.79 €.

essence fruity – scented top coat
Strawberry fantastic! The scented top coat is super fruity and gives your nails a seductive fresh strawberry scent. Available in – what else -01 sm
ells like strawberry... Around 1.99 €.

essence fruity – nail fruits
Cheeky little fruits on your nails – the absolute eye-catcher of the season! You can decorate your nails in a matter of seconds with these trendy designs. Super-easy to apply thanks to the included nail glue. The ultimate must-have for all nail fashionistas this spring. Available in 01 fruit punch to go. Around 1.99 €.

essence fruity – nail art sealing top coat
The crowning glory for fruity nail design! Simply
apply the nail art sealing top coat after styling your nails for long-lasting results. Available in 01 stay fruity. Around 1.99 €.

Essence “Fruity” will be available in stores in April 2012.

I think "fruity" nail polishes are very cute but the "soul sista" eyeliners and nail polishes are more attractive. I can't wait to see them here!
What do you think about these collections?

information and pictures gently provided by essence

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  1. omgosh so beautiful! i want the kabuki brush!!


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