Monday, 24 January 2011

Kellie's giveaway! (terminato/concluso)

Kellie di "Also Known As... " ha preparato un nuovo giveaway dove, in palio, ci sono 3 smalti Misa nuovi di zecca: Spark My Heart That's a Start, It's You e Red Pumps.
Per partecipare, leggete le regole e compilate il form che trovate qui:
Il giveaway finisce il 31 Gennaio (la notte tra il 31 gennaio e il 1 febbraio) ed รจ aperto internazionalmente!
In bocca al lupo
baci, lo staff

Kellie ("Also Known As... ") has prepared a ne giveaway, where as a prize there are 3 bran new Misa nail polishes: Spark My Heart That's a Start, It's You and Red Pumps.
If you want to participate, read the rules and fill the form you'll find here:
The giveaway ends January, 31st, the night between January 31st and Fabruary 1st, and it is open internationally!
Good luck
kisses from the staff

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