Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What's in your mascara? Trip inside a tube

Have you ever wondered why your mascara is irreplaceable? I have, maybe because of newly-archaelogists' istinct or women's curiosity.
No, wait... woman? Don' t exagerate! I'm just a curious girl!
The question is: "What makes your mascara so special?"
The secret thing is not only the brush, but also what is inside the tube!
Every mascara contains colouring matters, called pigments, that have different origins depending on the shade. For example, the classic black is obtainable from mineral pigments, instead, other shades, such as browns, blues ect., come from synthetic laquers.
In this incredible recipe there are oils and waxes too. Oils can be of vegetal or synthetic origin and make your lashes look fuller, pigments brighter and products smoother, instead, waxes, like bees wax, synthetic or mineral wax, are used because they protect your lashes.
Filmogens are particular elements in all waterproof mascaras, they are films that create an insulanting and hydrorepulsing coat on your lashes and, in that way, water drops without sad black tears!
Are you wishing for long and curve lashes? You have to thank polymers, a family of filmogen resins with different results.
Like men and animals, our trustworthy friend needs water too! Water is dosed depending on the final effect: more water renders smoother and lighter your mascara and lengthens your lashes, instead thicker mascaras give you a volumizing effect.
At last emulsifiers can't be missing, with the exception of waterproof mascaras, these agents make all liquid elements creamy.
Every girl and every woman has in their beauty case a little chemistry jewel so... be gentle with it, please!
It means don't dip and pull off the brush quickly and continuously, you'll run the risk of making your mascara dry because of air. If it happens, you will not act as little scientists, it's not worth it!
Remember: your eyes are precious!
Hope you like this post and this photo...
It's not me, but I love this photo and how coloured lashes remind me of insects' legs... particular and weird at the same time!
See you
kisses Valens

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