Friday, 14 May 2010


Hello everybody and welcome to my little place in the big net!
Who am I? My name is Valentina, alias Valens or Valentowski. You can simply call me Valens. I'm an Italian, 23-year-old girl and an archaeology student.
I love egyptology and I'm mad about make up, in fact this is an ancient practise, isn't it?
I grew up with cosmetics because my mom was a representative, and I'm a rep too!
I love to try new things, from natural to ordinary make up and products, from famous brands to not very well-known and indie ones.
But make up isn't my one and only interest... I'm a very curious girl and I like foreign languages, cultures and... cooking!!!
I like reading, writing, drawing and playing with my NDS.
What does it mean "Valens... per voi"? Maybe you are wondering right now.
It means "Valens... for you", because this is your blog, where you can put questions about make up and well-bing. Here you can find honest reviews, news, new products, offers and much more!
kisses Valens

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