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Sunday, 15 April 2018

A touch of Ultra Violet and Pantone Spring palette for your perfect event dress

Spring offers many occasions to get formal but with plenty of fashion colours, it’s the first season for outdoor events and weddings after a long and cold winter.
Spring palette for 2018 is rich with this year’s top hue chosen by Pantone: Ultra Violet...


Ultra Violet is an elegant and bright purple with a blue undertone, turning classier with a touch of sleek satin and sexier with a deep neckline.


Ultra Violet is accompanied by playful shades at one side, manifesto of fun and optimism like Cherry Tomato, a juicy and young shade of red with a solar hint of orange. A “cherry tomato” short lace dress would look perfect to stand out at a race competition.


Ultra Violet and Cherry Tomato scream for attention, for sober occasions Pantone Almost Mauve and Blooming Dalia are their balanced counterparts among the Spring palette selected by Pantone house of colours.
Both soft and ethereal: Almost Mauve is a delicate powder pink; blooming dahlia is a light salmon.
Their daintiness makes them perfect combined with impalpable tulle and intricate laces for wedding dresses.


The Pantone Color of the Year 2018 - Ultra Violet – is matched to classic and saturated tones like the navy Sailor Blue or the minimal Coconut Milk, mature and sophisticated.
The shades featured in Pantone Spring Colour Palette are available to customize your own dress on MillyBridal.
The gowns showed in this editorial are included in Formal Dress UK and Evening Dress UK catalogues with custom-made creations to fit any silhouette and occasion. 

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Saturday, 3 March 2018

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy, moisturizing lip tint - review and swatches

No shame if you uncork a (mini) bottle of DLM Wine... lip int. Yes, because there’s a Merlot that fits into your bag and doesn’t give hangovers!

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy, moisturizing lip tint

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy is a water-based hydrating lip tint that results irresistible, at least to me (lover of cute stuff and miniatures). 
The product: packaging
DLM Wine Lip Tint is contained in a tube that's shaped exactly like a wine bottle with its foil label and colourful neck. It hides 8 gr. of tint and - by unscrewing the upper part - one finds a long and pointed felt applicator for a very precise application.

Formula & texture
This wine-inspired lip product is watery and lightweight and has both a fresh scent and feeling.

Shade & finish
DLM Wine Lip Tint in the shade Merlot Burgundy reminds of this rich wine: it's an intense burgundy with a red undertone. It dries up with a semi-matte finish.

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy, K-beauty lip tint

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy, moisturizing lip tint swatches

How to use:

Merlot Burgundy Wine Lip Tint by DLM requires one application for a good coverage. It has to be applied on exfoliated and moisturized lips, after removing any lip salve residue with a tissue to let the tint dry and stick to your lips. 
The colour can be build up but I recommend just one coat applied slowly to avoid any imperfection due to its consistency. 
It can be dubbed with a tissue for a subtle wash of colour.

great pigmentation,
buildable colour,
mild hydration,
fresh after feeling,
natural finish,

lasting power,
extra care within the application

I like how customizable the result is, but its lasting power varies considerably depending on what you drink and how healthy - read smooth and hydrate - your lips are. It can last fully up to 3 hours to fade slowly.
Here, I'm wearing one coat of DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy (RD03) paired with Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Fine(Wine) (#47) smudged as an eyeshadow on my outer V: (no)alcoholic combination!

Valentina chirico wearing DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy (RD03), review

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy (RD03) is available online at for 2.26$ and it’s available in 6 colours reminiscent of DOC wines.
At first, I struggled with an even application and its durability but I’ve quickly learnt how to master it.
Do I like it? Hick... I want another sip! Cheers!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Your Good Skin - Anti-Shine Base Lotion, mattifying face lotion (review)

The Anti-Shine Base Lotion is a mattifying treatment that is part of the Your Good Skin skincare lineDone to stay in the smallest makeup bag ever, it has been created for all those shy girls, those of us with oily skin that run fast as the light to cover their shiny faces. 
YourGoodSkin Anti-Shine Base Lotion promises 12 hours of oil-free skin, but will it make your skin looking good and you feeling good? If you follow me on IG, you know already what I think about!
Your Good Skin - Anti-Shine Base Lotion, mattifying face lotion (review)

The YourGoodSkin Anti-Shine Base Lotion is a gentle face product available exclusively at Boots and it’s part of a skincare range called Your Good Skin, created with a pool of more than 1000 women.

The product: packaging
Compact, light and handy, the YourGoodSkin Anti-Shine Base Lotion is stored in a tiny white and gold 30 ml-bottle with a pump dispenser.
It’s incredibly small but contains enough product for a daily usage before makeup as one pump is enough to cover one’s critical areas!

Formula and texture:
The YourGoodSkin Anti-Shine Base Lotion has a light pearly cream to jelly texture with a fresh, slightly floral, soothing scent. It absorbs quickly and leaves no traces, no powdery after feel: just a 100% matte skin
Its formula is anti-ageing and features some antioxidant key ingredients like Vitamin C and Green Tea extract, with Springanine to balance skin sebum production, plus it’s free of parabens and synthetic oils.
The more I use this mattifying lotion, the more I’m sure: its formula is as light as you can secretly dream of. 

How to use:
The Anti-Shine Base Lotion is recommended as part of Your Good Skin-based skincare routine: after the Balancing Skin Concentrate and before the SPF 30 Anti Oxidant Day Cream. All across the face but I just use it on my T-zone an and chin, my critical areas.
You can include YourGoodSkin Anti-Shine Base Lotion in your regimen by simply “placing it”  after your serum and before your daily face cream.
I use it after the YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate and before my day cream the Boots Simply Sensitive Day Moisturizer 15 SPF. It's a working match with a lotion that isn't clogging my pores!

Your Good Skin - Anti-Shine Base Lotion, mattifying face lotion

it has a gentle formulation (parabens and oil-free),
its feels light to the skin,
a delicate scent,
it doesn't clog your pores,
it gives a quick matte effect,
it gets absorbed quickly,
it acts as a base

it's effective for less than 12 hours,
it isn't available worldwide (only in the UK and US)

Do I like the YourGoodSkin Anti-Shine Base Lotion?
I appreciate this lotion very much and I use it every day I have to go outside, ending up to be a nice primer for my skinIt’s so tiny that I fear to finish it sooner than expected but it’s a product to be used in a “targeted way”.

Your Good Skin - Anti-Shine Base Lotion, mattifying face lotion (review)

Your Good Skin - Anti-Shine Base Lotion, mattifying face lotion (review)

More to know? You can find YourGoodSkin Anti-Shine Base Lotion online and at your local Boots counter at 9.99£ but hold on: all my followers can enjoy it with a 50% discount (YOURGOODSKIN2).
It values 24 advantage points upon your purchase and there's more: it's also available in the US at Walgreens.
It's pocket and travel-friendly, it's light both for your wallet and your bag!
If you’re not sure, I suggest to test it on your hand, you’ll see and feel a huge difference!
You won’t believe it! 

Valentina Chirico aka Valens
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