Tuesday, 18 December 2018

SBR Nutrition: being healthy with smart liquid supplements

Liquid supplements are my secret kick to live my student life healthier.
Some drops of liquid biotin, L-theanine and ashwagandha are helping me to boost my energy, distress and re-find lost focus and beauty, how?
"Simply", every morning, when I sip a glass of water with SBR Nutrition liquid supplements.

SBR Nutrition liquid supplements

Why liquid supplements?

Vitamins and healthy ingredients - like turmeric - can be added to our diet with food.
In fact, when our dietary regime lacks in some elements, more fresh fruit and vegetables are the best and greener choice but - if still not enough - it's time for some supplements.

The most common supplements on the market are pills and effervescent tablets, but liquid supplements do the extra mile: they're easier and act faster. 
The wellness company SBR Nutrition has a range of liquid supplements and vitamins that, taken alone or with a glass of water, got absorbed more efficiently and quickly.
Keep on reading to find out what SBR Nutrition's liquid choice is doing for me and can do for you!

The first SBR Nutrition liquid supplement is a beauty booster: biotin. 
Biotin or vitamin B7 is part of the "vitamin Bs family".
Liquid Biotin is made of enzymes used by our body to metabolise fats and recharge cells, thus biotin biologically supports their growth, and it's usually recommended to strengthen hair and nails.

SBR Nutrition Liquid Biotin hair and nails supplement

Liquid Biotin is a pearly white liquid with a lovely vanilla aroma and comes in a 30ml-bottle with a dropper.
How to take it?
The daily dose is a ½ dropper, to swallow, simply directly.
What does it contain?
As all SBR Nutrition's products, Liquid Biotin has a very short list and contains just natural ingredients

No artificial colourings, nor chemical flavourings!
Nothing fancy or offensive for our body! 
It's also suitable for vegans...
Biotin in purified water, while its delicious flavour derives from natural vanilla extract and stevia.

SBR Nutrition L-Theanine is a supplement of theanine, an amino-acid extracted by green tea leaves proved to minimize stress impact.
L-Theanine is perfect to face those weary situations everyone experience at some points.
This specific theanine has been developed to reduce stress, promote mental focus and support our cardiovascular health.

L-Theanine comes in a big 125ml-bottle with a dropper; it's almost clear in colour and has a sweet, zesty aroma.
How to take it?
The recommended daily dose is 1 or 2 droppers directly in our mouth or diluted in water or a juice of our choice.
A nice idea is adding two droppers to your water bottle and sipping it throughout the morning.If you find it too sweet, you can swallow it directly as I do right after waking up.
What does it contain? 
L-Theanine contains theanine in pure water, natural glycerine, lemon flavouring and stevia extract.
It has no chemical flavours, colours, no artificial preservatives, OGM nor animal derivates.
It's vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

SBR Nutrition L-Theanine liquid supplemt menthal focus

The last "liquid advantage" comes from the millenarian Ayurvedic medicine: Ashwagandha.
SBR Liquid Ashwagandha is a supplement of winterberry root extract.
This awkward name may tell you nothing, but I'm sure 
you know it: Ashwagandha is a lovely plant with red jawbreakers-alike berries and it's adopted in the Western houses as a floral decoration and in India as body and spirit tonic.
Despite medical studies are still ongoing, Ashwagandha root has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer properties; so it's widely used to cure anxiety and inflammations, as well as to induce sleep.

How does it look like?
It's a brownish solution with tiny flakes and bits in a 60ml-bottle with a dropper.
How to take it?
Shake this supplement very well and mix it with a little bit of water: the recommended dose is 2 droppers in 226 gr (8 ounces) of water.
What does it contain?
66 Ashwagandha - a specific extract - in purified water, maple syrup and organic cacao.
You've read right, this supplement is really sweet and its taste is quite honeyed.
This SBR Liquid Ashwagandha supplement has no artificial colouring, no chemical flavouring, no OGM nor synthetic preservatives

SBR Nutrition Ashwagadha Ayurvedic liquid supplement

Time for a final verdict: does this busy student approve the SBR Nutrition liquid supplements?
I find them extremely easy and straightforward to use: in my opinion, there's nothing better than charging my body in just 2 minutes!
After 2 months of daily consumption, I found myself able to focus on mini tasks in... mini time.
My life is extremely hectic and has few breaks and little time to relax, but since I've replaced my commercial vitamins and energy complex with SBR L-Theanine and Liquid Ashwagandha, I go to work very early and to the University right after, as well as having a short but "fulfilling" night sleep.
No cramps, no physical fatigue.
As foliage in autumn, I usually loose loads of hair when the stress strikes or the season changes but my mane, still a bit dry, is very thick, shiny and voluminous.
Should I thank Liquid Biotin
I think so, it's the only helper for hair I'm using at the moment!
SBR Nutrition L-Theanine and Liquid Biotin taste both really agreeable, not too sweet if swallowed.
I find Liquid KSM-66 Ashwagandha a bit too sweet for me but it seems to give a decent result.

Are these products a real (liquid) advantage, then?
My experience has been very positive so far - after a doubtful start - and, if I have still some doubts about Ashwagandha, I can totally recommend SBR Nutrition's L-Theanine and Liquid Biotin.
I know, you girls, you will fall in love with my promise for strong and healthy locks that tastes of vanilla!
If you want to give liquid supplements a go, you can find the right solution to your health concern at SBRnutrition.com and on its Amazon e-shop.
The prices are very reasonable (17.99$ each) and a bottle of supplement seems to last for a very long time.
A couple of drops a day keeps the doctor away!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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Saturday, 1 December 2018

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum: hydrating, glowing and perfecting face serum - review

A face serum is an extra step in any skincare routine, is it worth the extra time and extra money?
Today’s the case of SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum, a sort of all in one anti-age & acne-fighter - and my experience with it.

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum, cruelty-free face serum

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum has been described as: “your skin’s new best friend” and “miracle in a bottle”; a product craved on the net, a versatile beauty solution to achieve a glowing and improved skin. 

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum: product & packaging 

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum is a skin treatment for all skin types and ages, formulated to be part of your skincare routine and makeup preparation.
This skincare product has been studied to improve skin texture so to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, remove acne scars and donate a natural glow, all while enhancing hydration for a supple skin.
The packaging is stylish and elegant: a 20ml-bottle which includes a dropper and plays with the black&gold timeless combination and matt/metallic contrast for its details.
The dropper helps to dose the product: 3 to 5 (for face and neck) drops are enough

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum is a skincare treatment based on the combination of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, fish collagen and rosa Damascena oil.
It has a very short list of ingredients with added water and glycerine... 

Texture & scent
SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum has an oily texture and looks exactly like any cooking oil: a runny yellow liquid.
Its scent is quite peculiar: once open and used for the first time, one can detect the rose perfume but, very soon, a fishy odour becomes predominant.
It’s not a pleasant fragrance - as you can guess - but it seems to disappear (at least from your face).
During the application, its texture can feel sticky but, after put and dab on the skin, it vanishes in minutes or less. 

How to use:
SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum has to be applied on a clean face before other serums and before any cream. Daily and twice a day to get the maximum results, it can be massaged over the whole face, lips included.

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum, cruelty-free face serum

What did I feel?
I used SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum as recommended, morning and evening.
It dries very fast and leaves my skin smooth to the touch.
By using it regularly or religiously, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin overall complexion with an even tone and brightness, firmer and elastic texture and a hydrated skin.
This product is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive: I had no redness and no itchiness, no dry patches!
Day by day, my pores have shrunk in size but, at a closer analysis, SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum doesn’t avoid the creation of build-ups leading to occasional pimples and imperfections.
For that, I would alternate a vitamin A (retinol) serum/ treatment. 

gentle action and formula
short ingredient list
no synthetic perfume
very hydrating
perfecting and anti-ageing actions
suitable for all skin type and combination skin

unpleasant odour
sticky sensation (during application)
[not vegan]

SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum, packaging and texture

I’m not new to serums and I think they actually do an extra mile for me and, since I've been using SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum, my skin is visibly smoother and firmer, refined and glowy, feeling and looking well hydrated.
The company suggests it as a primer before foundation and make-up but its stickiness and odour definitely refrained me to use it with my beauty tools.
No matter this fact, I appreciated SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum as a common skin treatment and how it easily fits into my regime and combines with other products.
If you want to give it a go, SkinK
issed Vitamin C Serum is available on Amazon at 19.95£ and on the website with bundles to stock on it.
The Amazon deal is great - considering the results - but I think the sets are still quite expensive.
I would recommend 
SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum but if the idea of that weird odour bothers you.... you decide!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Indie creations: Julie Nicaisse Jewellery, jewels with galactic powers and green souls

Julie Nicaisse - with her powerful jewelry - recalls the myth of Ephestus, the god hurled down from the Olympus who, under the ground, works the metals with brutal force and mastery, fire and flames. 
But Julie’s art isn’t heartless: the shapes of her earrings and necklaces can be sharp as flints, cold like meteors crashed on earth, but her love for Mother Nature has no equal and gentles her pieces.

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery

Julie Nicaisse’s work is inspired by Nature and Cosmo, her creations are completely sustainable and ethically sourced with a preference for fair-trade gold and stones, recycled and refused precious metals.
More lust but less waste is possible and green for Julie Nicaisse: her production is as kind as possible with the planet, as she tries to cut all the unwanted chemicals from the jewelry production. 

How she came up with her cosmic accessories is a story of dedication and it's about a jump facing the unknown. She is going to unveil something about her life and her work…

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery recycled metal jewellery

How and when was your shop born?
I have been making jewellery since 2006, but last year I decided to make the big jump, I quit my day job and went full time into making my own jewellery. 
I have been working in the shade on my brand for the last 10 years.

Could you tell us something about your background? Where are you from?
I am originally from Belgium where I studied Fine Arts before moving to the U.K in 2000. In London, I learned the Art of jewellery making through studies, research and practice. I acquired my high level of craftsmanship in working for numerous renowned jewellers before launching my own brand.

When have you met your passion for creations?
Since a very young age, I have always had a passion for creation, coming from an artist family. But I discover my passion for jewellery making when I signed up for my first ever jewellery class, I knew right away that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

What's your goal?
I would love to design jewellery for movies.

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery
Julie Nicaisse Jewellery: the making of green jewellery.
 Fusing old jewels for a custom order
Julie Nicaisse Jewellery
Julie Nicaisse Jewellery: sneak peek on Facebook. The choice for the perfect finish...

How do you imagine your typical customer?
My typical customer is a strong and confident woman, she loves art & culture and has her own unique sense of style.
She is very elegant and likes to look different from everybody else. She loves dressing up to go out and look beautiful.

What inspires you the most?
Nature! Nature and Nature. I love translating the unusual shapes I find in nature into wearable treasures.

Do you have an inspiring place, where do you create or sketch the product?
Everything is made in my south London studio in Stockwell, but I get my inspiration from different places, I usually carry a sketchbook with me everywhere I go.
It often begins with a rough sketch but I am more of a 3D person and the piece is really coming to life as I am working. I will use a different approach depending on how I want the final piece to look like. Sometimes I carve a wax model of the piece then cast it into metal and other times I go straight into working the metal itself.

Do you have a project for the near future?
I have many projects for the near future, but for now, I will keep them secret ;-)

Julie Nicaisse Jewellery recycled metal jewellery
Julie Nicaisse Jewellery

She left us with a halo of mystery that makes her future creations a magnetic attraction but something is sure...
From her small corner studio, Julie’s works have travelled the net and impress on Facebook and Instagram where our curious eyes can have a peek into her intimate practice.
The incandescent warmth of Mother Earth and the deadly cold of the Milky Way are frozen in time in smooth and sleek jewels carefully created by Julie Nicaisse.
With such a great attention to the environment and an almost total green approach to the metal artistry, it’s really hard not to fall in love with her pieces and feel the connection with powerful forces.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens