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Hello and welcome to my little place in the big net!
You’re visiting the English version of “
Valens… per voi” that means Valens for you.

This blog was born at the end of 2009 as a blogging experiment: I was searching for the best blogging platform for my incursions into the beauty world, then I’ve decided to turn it into an English blog. 
I like English and I do my best because I know Italian is such a beautiful and poetical language, but it’s hard to understand and it’s not so spoken around the world.
The first goal of “Valens… per voi” was showing and writing honestly about beauty products I was selling and buying for myself, with the time I’ve added more topics like fashion trends, offers, accessories, shopping experiences, tips and quick recipes.
My ideal public is a young one: girls and young women whom like taking care of their appearance and want to look better but can’t spend a lot.
Everyone is welcome, I want to create an agreeable and friendly place for beauty enthusiasts.
I like trying new things, from natural to ordinary make-up, from famous brands and to not well-known and indie shops. I particularly love these independent boutiques you can find on platforms like Etsy and A Little Market (but there are more).
I find this way of creating very inspiring, I truly believe I can feel the love these shop owners put into their products. 

These are the things I like, I buy and you will find here.
Take your time and feel free to put your questions, this is a space for you.

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