Saturday, 6 July 2019

Why everyone should have a business card holder. A smart accessory and I tell you how...

Open your handbag, and I tell you who you are. Our handbags contain a world of things but not so many people own this accessory, which is timeless yet in disuse: the business card holder. Why have one, then?

Unless you are a white-collar or a stuff hoarder, you may think nowadays business cards are useless, especially when presentations happen while sipping a drink and go further with sharing your personal page. Business cards are a synthetic and professional 'handshake', your way to be remembered with a design piece of paper! These cards need a case to be in the right place and ready to be handed: nobody wants to dig in a bag and find a lipstick instead! 

FYY - handmade leather business card holder case

What I recommend - for a great first impression - is a handmade business card holder: while you open it, you convey the message you have an excellent taste for things, and you are a very tidy and precise person. Give your card and leave your mark, a two in one gesture! The perfect size for a business card case is that of a small mobile that stays in the palm of your hand. The natural texture of leather speaks of quality, a single small decoration of simplicity. Colours match your personality; if black and brown go with everything but are too formal, choose my recommended shades: maroon for a girl boss, and navy for the easy-going.

This Fyy classic is a smart accessory: loyalty cards have the same dimensions of business cards, so you can use your cardholder to keep them all in one place while shopping!

Like these apple pen holder and tablet case, these business card holders have been crafted by artisans with leather and canvas and are one the office staple you can find on the FYYstore Pinterest with more inspiration for your professional look.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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