Thursday, 14 June 2018

Finding the best liquid foundation for dry skin

Foundation is a cosmetic that improves the look of our skin, this is why it's so important as well as so tricky to choose!
Liquid foundation is the most well-known type because it's easy to use and can create an impeccable look by minimizing skin issues like imperfections, scars and even minor breakouts. 
It's available in water and oil-based formulas for light, medium and full coverage.
It doesn't just cover but it additionally evens your skin tone to give you the flawless look you want

Tips the best foundation for dry skin

There are also the so-called “liquid to powder” foundations that endeavour to catch the benefits of both liquid and powder products. But back to liquid foundations...
An important role of liquid foundations is giving hydration or giving and locking it in, perfect for those of us with dry skin. This extra hydration also helps our makeup to set and last longer.
It’s also easier to find a better match to your skin tone with a liquid foundation rather than with a powder one!
In fact, you can always adjust your colour by mixing different shades of your favourite foundation.

Liquid foundation: the benefits

There are two kinds of liquid foundation: water-based and oil-based. So which one is a good choice when purchasing a new foundation? 
The solution relies upon your skin type: in case your skin is normal or dry, you will more likely need an oil-based foundation
These top liquid foundations for dry skin – all reviewed in-depth - have a natural-looking coverage and are less demanding compared to compact foundations. 
If your skin is oily, you should pick a water-based foundation because this type doesn’t feel heavy nor clog your pores (it isn't comedogenic)
The finish of a liquid foundation varies from sheer to full, all depends on your necessities
With highly pigmented formulas, you don’t have to stress about visible dyschromia or imperfections!

The pros of using a liquid foundation

Hopefully, every makeup brand has its foundation line available in different formulas, so it’s technically easy to find the one that works best for you and a shade that’s close to your natural skin colour.
But liquid foundations aren’t solely great for dry skin and its typical lack of moisture, they can fill in fine lines, pores and wrinkles and making them less visible with - as a result - a smoother and younger face.
Another positive note is that liquid foundations are easy to apply: with a foundation brush, a sponge or simply by using your (clean) fingers.
If you have a long-time experience with make-up, you know for sure how important is choosing the correct foundation for your skin. 
With dryness conditions, a liquid foundation will help to have and keep skin moisture all year around.
There are so many brands and so many product options on the market that it’s hard to find just a privileged liquid foundation!
May I help you? I’ve tested some new foundations and they will be reviewed here sooner or later. It’s worth to keep an eye over "Valens.... per voi"…

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