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DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy, moisturizing lip tint - review and swatches

No shame if you uncork a (mini) bottle of DLM Wine... lip int. Yes, because there’s a Merlot that fits into your bag and doesn’t give hangovers!

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy, moisturizing lip tint

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy is a water-based hydrating lip tint that results irresistible, at least to me (lover of cute stuff and miniatures). 
The product: packaging
DLM Wine Lip Tint is contained in a tube that's shaped exactly like a wine bottle with its foil label and colourful neck. It hides 8 gr. of tint and - by unscrewing the upper part - one finds a long and pointed felt applicator for a very precise application.

Formula & texture
This wine-inspired lip product is watery and lightweight and has both a fresh scent and feeling.

Shade & finish
DLM Wine Lip Tint in the shade Merlot Burgundy reminds of this rich wine: it's an intense burgundy with a red undertone. It dries up with a semi-matte finish.

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy, K-beauty lip tint

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy, moisturizing lip tint swatches

How to use:

Merlot Burgundy Wine Lip Tint by DLM requires one application for a good coverage. It has to be applied on exfoliated and moisturized lips, after removing any lip salve residue with a tissue to let the tint dry and stick to your lips. 
The colour can be build up but I recommend just one coat applied slowly to avoid any imperfection due to its consistency. 
It can be dubbed with a tissue for a subtle wash of colour.

great pigmentation,
buildable colour,
mild hydration,
fresh after feeling,
natural finish,

lasting power,
extra care within the application

I like how customizable the result is, but its lasting power varies considerably depending on what you drink and how healthy - read smooth and hydrate - your lips are. It can last fully up to 3 hours to fade slowly.
Here, I'm wearing one coat of DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy (RD03) paired with Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Fine(Wine) (#47) smudged as an eyeshadow on my outer V: (no)alcoholic combination!

Valentina chirico wearing DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy (RD03), review

DLM Wine Lip Tint in Merlot Burgundy (RD03) is available online at for 2.26$ and it’s available in 6 colours reminiscent of DOC wines.
At first, I struggled with an even application and its durability but I’ve quickly learnt how to master it.
Do I like it? Hick... I want another sip! Cheers!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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