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Travel-friendly oral care with Lush Cosmetics' toothy tabs & co.: Oral Pleasure and Crème de Menthe (review)

Oral care? A serious affair but rather annoying when one’s outdoor!
If travel-sized toothpaste and brushes help to bypass the issue, the smartest option is something smaller. Small like pills as Lush Cosmetics’ toothy tabs and mouthwash tabs are.
I’ve created in my personal lab (my humble bathroom sink) a refreshing and tickling combination: some “healthy Oral Pleasure” followed by “some drops” of Crème de Menthe
What’s this wizardry?

Travel-friendly oral care with Lush Cosmetics' toothy tabs & co.: Oral Pleasure and Crème de Menthe (review)

Brushing and gargling are easy jobs with the right products and tools as those offered by Lush Cosmetics’ oral care line consisting of solid and powder kinds of toothpaste and mouthwash in pills.

Lush Cosmetics toothy tabs are backing soda-based tables, one has to bite and chew before brushing as usual. Meaning they are hygienic, handy, lightweight and mess-free.
Oral Pleasure is by far the most peculiar among Lush toothy tabs as well as the most tempting.
This is why...

Oral Pleasure - toothy tabs

THE PRODUCT: packaging

Oral Pleasure are little tablets coming inside a compact and light recycled plastic bottle, each one containing 50 pieces for a total of 100gr.
Its name bodes excitement for all our senses, starting from its extremely eye-catching colour.
Oral Pleasure toothy tabs are violet/magenta round tablets with an attractive silver shine.

Lush Cosmetics' Oral Pleasure toothy tabs, review

Formula and texture
Toothy tabs like Oral Pleasure are completely dry and water-free products, thus able to last for a long time.Oral Pleasure’s formula features baking soda, cream of tartar and kaolin with essential oils and natural extracts: vanilla extract, almond, rose and sweet wild orange oils, some drops of electric daisies tincture, the ingredient giving this product its unusual tickling sensation.

Scent and taste
Oral Pleasure has the most intriguing and puzzling scent ever. I needed 15 minutes in order to pick my own toothy tab because of it!
It has fresh and frizzy notes and a sweet olfactory base, its scent teases my nose every time.
There should be some passion fruit scent but I can’t catch it
The taste is equally peculiar: a bit fresh with a sweet after feel, it’s literally mouth-watering as Lush Cosmetics warns: if you try it, you’re going to experience some extra salivation.
I would define Oral Pleasure’s taste as “foodie”, it reminds of something edible but unknown to my senses.

Gargling is a forgotten habit... I’m guilty but I’m gargling again with Crème de Menthe, which isn’t what you’re thinking.

 Crème de Menthe - mouthwash tabs

THE PRODUCT: packaging

Crème de Menthe by Lush Cosmetics is concentrated mouthwash in tablet size and, exactly like Oral Pleasure and the other oral care products by Lush Cosmetics, it comes in a recycled plastic bottle with 45 gr. of product.

Formula and texture
Crème de Menthe mouthwash tabs, another water-less product with a long shelf life, are rhomboidal green pastilles with a cold sparkle. 
They contain baking soda and natural glycerine; menthol crystals, peppermint powder and peppermint oil living the freshness needed, plus some sweeteners, Stevia and Xylitol, and lustres (white, green and silver) for some magic.

Scent and taste
Crème de Menthe has the typical menthol fresh and uplifting scent, but its taste is better as it’s fresh and sweet at the same time thanks to the mix of natural and chemical sweeteners.

Lush Cosmetics Crème de Menthe mouthwash tabs review

Pros/Cons overview...

they are both hygienic,
light (products and packaging),
easy to use,
long-lasting clean effect (Oral Pleasure)
vegan and cruelty-free

price (outside the UK)
unconventional scent (Oral Pleasure)

Crème de Menthe is an online and kitchen exclusive and costs 5,95£ in the UK and 9.95$ in the US (EU prices vary considerably, IT 8,95€), while Oral Pleasure is available both online and in any Lush shops at the regular price of 8,95€ in Italy, 5.95£ in the UK and 11.95$ in the States.
Unfortunately, it seems it’s going to leave the range soon, but I’m not surprised as I guess it’s really hard to sell. I’ve offered some Oral Pleasure (horrible pun) and no one liked it!

What a weird combination you would think and it is!
Combining Oral Pleasure and Crème de Menthe results in a refreshing and always new experience, they leave a very sweet aftertaste together!
Oral Pleasure is extremely nice because its cleansing power is surprising long-lasting: fresh breath and clean teeth for hours and hours, even when I wake up. The taste may shock but it’s able to evolve in your mouth in a cool way.

Lush Cosmetics' Oral Pleasure toothy tabs, review

Do I recommend Lush Cosmetics' oral care range?
In my opinion, this line is very smart and I would recommend these two products, but their prices are extremely high outside the UK. I would suggest giving a try to some toothy tabs but just in the case of personal necessities.
Go for them, if you’re active and have no time to wash your teeth properly when you’re at work...
If you’re brave and you like trying new flavours, Oral Pleasure is what you deserve!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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