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Mediheal - Black Eye Anti-wrinkle Mask (Korean anti-aging sheet mask) review

If you don’t know what sheet masks are, then you seriously need an update!
Using sheet masks is a wide spreading skin care step and everything has started in Asia as in the case of the Korean Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask by Mediheal. I nicknamed it the "racoon mask" for a good, fun but obvious reason.

Mediheal - Black Eye Anti-wrinkle Mask. Korean sheet mask with marine collagen. Review by Valentina Chirico

The Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask by Mediheal is a one-use sheet mask made of a black fabric-like material and is an anti-wrinkle skin care treatment.
This mask is suitable for people with dark circles and puffy eyes who want to fight early signs of ageing. 
Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask contains anti-aging and soothing active ingredients such as marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, silk peptides and phyto-botanical extracts (sesame, garlic, white mulberry, soy, rice, juniper, blackberry and blueberry extracts, rose and grapefruits oils, etc...). 
This eye mask promises to restore elasticity and softness to the extremely delicate skin around the eyes.
Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask's premise is great and the mask itself looks quite funny: a black mask like those worn by superheroes, Zorro or racoons.

Mediheal - Black Eye Anti-wrinkle Mask. Korean sheet mask with marine collagen. Review by Valentina Chirico

The fabric is thick but soft and the mask, once applied, adhers well to the face thanks to its serum. The mask is carefully folded in half in its sachet but it isn’t fragile and won’t break while you use it. Its antioxidant serum is a clear, slightly dense fluid with a pleasant floral scent.
The package contains the instruction in Korean but the way of use is intuitive thanks to the illustrations which are always kawaii as happens in all Korean and Asian beauty products.
You can easily find online the instruction in English...

Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask can be used at room temperature, cooled down or heated by immersing the bag in hot water (40C°). Once applied, it can stay for 10 to 20 minutes.
I decided to try it au naturel, at room temperature for 20 minutes then, after about 15 minutes, I flipped it and reapplied it again.  
At the end, I gently massaged the serum left by the mask all over my eye area and eyelids.
20 minutes of pure relaxation, watching the ceiling and listening to the birds singing... the serum doesn’t drip and releases a pleasant freshness sensation. My eyes were quite swollen but Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask helped to relax me and my facial muscles, as well as de-puffing my eyes and leaving the skin hydrated and smooth

Mediheal - Black Eye Anti-wrinkle Mask. Korean sheet mask, review. Mask texture
Mediheal - Black Eye Anti-wrinkle Mask. review by Valentina Chirico

The mask surprised me for a detail making it a smart product, besides useful and pleasing: in fact, although it’s a disposable mask, the package contains so much serum, it can be stored in a jar.
I collected all the serum of my Mediheal Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask, till the last drop, and stored it in the fridge. 
I recycled a sterilised plexiglass cosmetic container for this purpose. In this way, I’ve got six extra days of anti-age treatment I was able to use morning and evening. My skin has remained smooth and elastic throughout the week and my eyes weren’t puffy or looking tired. 

A list of pros and cons would be totally silly, indeed the Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask by Mediheal has loads of pros: is easy to use and relaxing; works while respecting the skin (its formula is very gentle)
Even the main con that is the disposable nature of an eye sheet mask couldn’t help: I used this black anti-age mask not just as a sheet mask but also as a real treatment for six days!

Black Eye Anti-Wrinkle Mask Mediheal is available online in boxes with 3 10-ml pouches each, through k-beauty shops and Amazon, but its price varies. The net is plenty of places, it depends on where you live, mine comes from My Beauty Routine which is very convenient for those living in Italy (6€), I like it because there's no customs tax and the shipping is quick!

Mediheal - Black Eye Anti-wrinkle Mask. A kawaii racoon mask review by Valentina Chirico

Gotham City can wait... I have to rest after fighting the crime all night long!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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