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Multimasking: “latest” skin care trend. How to, why and face mask match for combination skin

Multimasking is the skin care trend everyone is talking about, it’s a real fever across the media. The truth? I’m sorry but this isn’t a new hype: using different face masks at once has been already wide spreading in Japan.
It isn’t a new trend but a brilliant idea riding the cosmetic wave. So why is the multimasking worth a try?

Multimasking: “latest” skincare trend. How to and perfect face mask match for combination skin

is a fun skin care idea: applying colourful face masks with different textures looks like playing at little Indians, doesn’t it? Gosh, look how childish I’m in my PJ and patched face!

HOW TO the right "multimasking"

For multimasking, a skin care practice for multitasking women (sorry for the pun), one needs 2 to 3 face and eye masks.
Each face mask must be specifically designed to suit different face zones needs and to contrast skin issues; these products must be chosen based on the season and facial features.
A clay mask to purify, a creamy mask with natural oils and butters to hydrate; a soothing formula to calm; nutrients to fight ageing...
DIY or ready—to-squeeze, the choices and combinations are endless as well as personal.

Multimasking: “latest” skincare trend. How to by Valentina Chirico

Cosmetics companies are jumping for the joy but having more masks with you isn’t needless: even seasonally, our face feels different and have different needs. Those with combination skin have many, all year around!

COMBINATION SKIN? This is a nice face mask combination:

For my T-zone (chin, nose and forehead), I apply a mask with volcanic clay and salicylic acid to purify and clean my pores. My current purifying mask is Avon clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask with minerals, salicylic acid and bentonite I spread with a flat mask brush (Avon Planet Spa).

For my cheeks, the driest and more delicate areas, I choose a hydrating mask with a creamy texture. My current moisturising mask is L’Action Vital Hydration Mud Mask. Despite it contains kaolin, it both moisturises and cleanses. Individual masks are smart choices when it comes to travel and pack light, I love them! 

For my eye area, I simply apply a couple drops of extra virgin olive oil and leave it overnight. 

Multimasking: “latest” skincare trend. How to and face mask combination for combination skin


Since every mask has different drying time, respect the specific instruction and drying time, especially in the case of acid-based masks, in order to avoid nasty irritations and redness.
Next mask? Mhhh maybe a fresh mask by Lush Cosmetics. This is Cupcake... a dessert for the skin!

Lush Cosmetics Cupcake Fresh Mask

Two multimasking sessions per week are enough, I pair them with reading, tv, hot teas...
I’m slightly addicted to Winston Tea green tea and blueberries herbal tea. It smells and tastes delicious.

Multimasking and relaxing

Any plan for the evening? Multimasking rhymes with relaxing!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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