Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Anti-Valentine's day manicure with step-by-step tutorial. A goth nail art

My “anti-Valentine’s day” nail art, a gothic manicure, is a wearable idea if you hate this pink and sweet world. I created this manicure for all broken hearted people with a step-by-step tutorial.

Anti-Valentine's day manicure by Valentina Chirico

A black base and bloody red heart glitters, some do-it-yourself broken heart glequins, which remind of blood drops or falling rose petals.
Want to recreate this manicure at home? Here you have all the tools and nail polishes you need and my ready-to-be-pinned or saved tutorial!

“Anti-Valentine’s day” manicure: nail tools and nail polishes

protective base coat
black crème nail polish
heart-shaped glitters or glequins
cutter + cutting mat or scissors + tweezers
nail art wax pencil
clear nail polish or top coat

Anti-Valentine's day manicure with broken heart glitters by Valentina Chirico
Anti-Valentine's day manicure with broken heart glitters by Valentina Chirico

“Anti-Valentine’s day” manicure: step-by-step

1) File your nails, hydrate and push back your cuticles. Then apply one coat of your protective base coat or anti-stain nail product.
I used Avon True Colour Nail Expert Pearl Shine, fortifying treatment, in Sheer Love.
2) Apply two coats of your black crème nail polish, wait for each coat to be completely dry.
I used Yamamay beauty #24 black nail polish.

3) Cut in half a dozen of heart-shaped glitters or glequins with a cutter over a cutting mat or with a pair of scissors and the help of your tweezers.
I moved, thus I haven’t all my nail art “necessaire” with me, thus I opted for my... pocket Swiss Army knife.
It’s a brilliant and small tool. Don’t forget: I’m an archaeologist before being a girl!
4-5) Apply one coat of clear nail polish and, when it’s still fresh, carefully put your “broken hearts” glitters in place along the middle of your nails but offset with the help of a nail art wax pencil.
I used essence the nail gel polish 01 absolute pure and essence eyebrow fixing pencil
Again, I’m an archaeologist, therefore a very practical person.

6) When everything is dry, finish off with two coats of top coat or clear nail polish to smooth, seal, protect and give shine to your manicure.
Once again, I used essence the gel nail polish 01 absolute

Voilà, you’re done! Ready to save and pin my tutorial?
7th step is optional but recommended: apply a brightening hand cream.
Indeed, this gothic nail art is stunning, more explosive, over a bright and clear complexion.
I massaged Helan Muschio Bianco crema mani luminosa, White Musk brightening hand cream: it really instantly brightens and minimises any redness.

Anti-Valentine's day manicure, pinnable step-by-step tutorial by Valentina Chirico
Anti-Valentine's day manicure, gothic nail art idea with broken heart glitters by Valentina Chirico

The longest part is cutting our glitters but this “anti-Valentine’s daymanicure doesn’t go unnoticed! Have you seen how my glitters sparkle when I move my fingers on Snapchat (valenschirico)?
Bling bling, my lonely hearts!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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