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Walk with me and where to eat in Naples: 'O Grin ethical restaurant and Christmas time

What’s happening on the streets of Naples? The weather is pleasantly warm, although Christmas is coming; the shops are decorated or are finishing their preparations, while they're unleashing tempting offerings and holiday promotions.
Yesterday, I took a ride in the "university zone" in the city centre, in via Mezzocannone, and today I’m going to show you what has captured my eyes and something new I’ve tried: 'O Grin and a new Boudoir Boutique shop-window.

Walk with me and where to eat in Naples: 'O Grin ethical restaurant and Christmas time

Lunchtime arrived and I didn’t know exactly where to go and what to eat. I was looking for something healthy but it’s such a mission impossible, then I remembered a tiny restaurant frequented by students and workers: 'O Grin.

'O Grin means The green! A very small place, in via Mezzocannone 83, which each day offers a different menu, shown on a big blackboard with coloured chalks.
All 'O Grin dishes are seasonal, vegetarian and / or vegan with some designed specifically for celiacs (gluten-free). Names are funny with that typical Southern Italian humour, while the friendly staff explains the specials.
If you feel lost, you can figure out what’s that or this, or simply can’t choose, you can ask for some advice or stop by the window to "have a taste" of what's daily including appetisers, starters, main courses and desserts.

Where to eat in Naples: 'O Grin ethical and green restaurant
Where to eat in Naples: 'O Grin ethical and green restaurant

Yesterday, December 7th, there were: "Eppolpai" that is “apple pie”, written just like we spell it; a pink soup with beetroot and carrots, riso pop, rice with nori seaweed and tomatoes, vegetarian cutlets and ...broccoli baresi. I went for broccoli to test 'O Grin. I have a hard time eating out and I love vegetables, but vegetarian dishes and the contours are usually too seasoned, fried, greasy and heavy both in kiosks and restaurant.

'O Grin’s broccoli were much more than good: light, slightly salty, with a barely perceptible hint of chilli pepper and a little olive oil.
The dish was tasty and delicate at the same time; I had the impression that my broccoli, specifically the broccoli tops, have been steamed or boiled and the oil put almost raw. The taste was very natural. I liked it and my stomach was very happy with that, no troubles!
A medium-sized broccoli dish costs 3€, a price that’s slightly above the average range for a small meal, but quality has its price.

I accept it also for the great attention paid by the team of 'O Grin to the choice of ingredients, the overall menu and environmental impact: dishes and cutlery are biodegradable and end up all in the trash bin for recycling or inside two screw holes on the table. People eat all together around the rectangular table or at the counter, instantly creating a small community of strangers.
It’s reminiscent of a Roman thermopolium
. Hats off!

Where to eat in Naples: 'O Grin ethical and green restaurant- menĂ¹ of the day, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free

Boudoir Boutique has dressed up for the holiday celebrations
 with a magical touch: a display with tulle dresses and glitters, a fireplace with Christmas lights and a horse from a yesteryear carousel for a bit of nostalgia without sadness.

Fashion vintage shop in Naples: Boudoir Boutique, elegant display
Fashion vintage shop in Naples: Boudoir Boutique

I will return to 'O Grin and I hope to have enough time to be able to stop by Boudoir Boutique, instead of just spying from the sidewalk ...

If you want to breathe the pure "Neapolitan" Christmas air, I recommend a walk along Spaccanapoli and cribs area (via San Gregorio Armeno); then a shopping break in Napoli Centrale, the train station, is a must before leaving the city.
The largest temporary store I've seen at the O level is the one dedicated to the famous Strega liqueur: you can find bottles of all sizes and a huge array of chocolates with liqueur.
In Napoli Centrale there’s also a MAC counter, only seen from afar; Bottega Verde with its natural-based cosmetics and special Christmas editions and Flying Tiger, which is finishing its Christmas set up... I foresee glitters, spiced biscuits and candy canes in 

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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