Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Mini guide: 5 Christmas scented beauty gifts for coffee and chocolate lovers

Beauty and bath products are absolute musts for Christmas gifts but, for unforgettable and original ideas, I suggest going for scented beauty items!
Here 5 options for Christmas presents you can choose from or be inspired by. 

Scented products are a successful choice, if you know the exact food, drink or fruit who’s going to receive your gift love.

1) For bath products, what about candy floss bubbles and chocolate cascades?
Cotton candy is a very sweet and sugary scent that teenagers will likely to appreciate: Lush Cosmetics Little Snow Fairy is a smart and cruelty-free choice. A wrapped gift consisting of a shower gel and a pink FUN, Lush innovative mouldable shower paste looking and working almost like playdoh.
Dolcezza Gioiosa by Bottega Verde is the kit for chocolate lovers and 20+ people, a shower cream and a body milk for a delicious and soft skin after shower time.
Bottega Verde has more Christmas gifts sets and decorative boxes, that will surprise for sure!

2) Winter is a very hard time for skin, Tony Moly has a hand care Christmas set for flaky skin. What? Hand creams as a gift? No jokes, this is a truly creative idea as happens with the majority of Asian cosmetics brand: Happy Sweet Holidays is a hand cream trio with macaroon, ginger cookie and black cherry-scented creams.

3) After taking care of your hands, you can't forget a nice coat of nail polish! Revlon Parfumerie is a scented nail lacquer range for enthusiasts and collectors.
Could you say no to seasonal notes like Autumn Spice, Chocolate Truffle and Wintermint? 

4) Relax is the key for a beautiful you: allow your loved one or best friend creating the right atmosphere with wintry and Christmassy aromatic candles like Yankee Candles Café Culture set: Cappuccino Truffle, Tarte Tatin and Pain au Raisin will bring you the joy and warmth of a breakfast in a French pâtisserie!

5) The last idea is the craziest: scented make-up!
Coffee is an energising scent that's the perfect morning companion! Wake-up while applying a blush, why not with Too Faced Grande Hotel Café?
A cardboard building-shaped box with three Christmas coffee scented palettes called Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Coffee, and Eggnog Latte and a deluxe sample of Better Than Sex mascara!

Scents reflect mood and personality and can also help relaxing or give a boost.
A scented bath or beauty gift can bring positivity and joy to your friend or girlfriend as well as come in handy. More hydration? Apply a gingerbread hand cream!
Need a fresh face? Swirl the brush in a coffee scented blush and your day will take another, delicious path!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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