Monday, 26 December 2016

FlyingTiger Christmas original products, my little haul

FlyingTiger is one of my favourite shopping place for organising and home decors: it’s probably thanks to its playful atmosphere and its colourful gadgets. Even if I don’t plan any purchase, I go there and walk around to see what’s new because every month new products and lines are released in limited edition, along with DIY, stationery, home, personal items and games for our good mood. 

For Christmas, FlyingTiger tinged itself in red, white and green with elves, reindeer, foxes with scarves and mistletoe garlands. Candles and decorations to recreate the typical Christmas air from living room to the bedroom.

FlyingTiger Christmas original products, my haul

A couple days ago, I stopped by the FlyingTiger shop in Napoli Centrale station and I’ve found the store totally assaulted by passengers, all looking confused and almost lost, while searching and rushing for the latest Christmas gifts. There were some mess, a big moving crowd, and empty shelves, especially those with “Danish specialities” (aka cookies) and candies.

So, what I’ve bought? In my opinion, the most important FlyingTiger’s pro is the convenience, but in what exactly?
There are totally unnecessary products, one buys just for the sake of their beauty and originality at acceptable prices.
The real essentials, however, are those good-quality products that are helpful in daily life at ridiculously low prices.I’ve bought a pair of padded slipper boots at 1€! Comfort, lightness and warmth for one coin is something rare.
The other pick was a little gift for my family: a do-it-yourself gingerbread house kit consisting of spiced cookies at 4€. This dreamy house has to be really build up with homemade icing.

FlyingTiger Christmas original products, my haul. Gingerbread house kit

How strange: fun food is more expensive than a pair of slippers! That’s FlyingTiger's magic...

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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