Monday, 14 November 2016

5 maxi dresses, 5 different women. Style ideas to match personal taste with independent designers

Maxi dresses are fashion pieces sometimes surprising missing in our wardrobe.
No matter what, they are a very smart choice: they only require a pair of shoes and one matching accessory for the perfect complete 5-minute look.
Plus, they can say a lot about who’s wearing them! Here are five different maxi dresses from independent fashion designers hosted at let’s understand who owns what.

5 designers' maxi dresses for five different women. Matching personal style with independent designers at StyleWe

A boho, strong and free spirit is who’s wearing a black chiffon dress with lace details and ethnic ribbons crossing the chest.
It's a creation by Aporia AS, a collection designed by two friends, Sea and Funny, who combine European young trends with boho inspiration.

A sensual woman in disguise is wearing an asymmetric, light blue dress: a feather-light, one shoulder garment, a catwalk-worth garment.
Created by fashion designer Teresa from Masked Queen, a brand for elegant women who strongly wants to became “the queen of the life” by choosing a bombshell dress.

Urban but purist and minimal is the young girl or women sporting a black, pleated, see-through dress. Cotton and silk made the perfect combination for a high-quality dress thought for modern people looking for essential products.
It’s a creation by Maggie Zhen, a designer with the aim of exalting all women while always keeping in mind the balance between nature and humans.

5 maxi dresses for five different women. Style ideas to match personal fashion taste with independent designers

Serious, elegant and perfect
is the woman in Kata Binska’s opinion
This line is created for a specific person: a 30-year old woman, confident and determined.
This dress is casual enough for daytime but still formal: two solid colour, wide lines, and comfortable cowl neck.

Dynamic and lively, a Latina soul worldwide is the woman strutting Diane Freis' creations: an internationally renowned designer, now in Hong Kong. She mixes colours and shiny stones with artistic splashes for ballroom dresses that are all about happiness and free life.
This spaghetti strap dress is 100% made of silk and has tiny decorative bijoux stones.

There’s a maxi dress ready to enhance both silhouette and personality.
You can buy dresses here, at StyleWe, where every piece isn’t a simple retail shop cloth, and find more inspiration and designers at the StyleWe Instagram account.
And you: which women are you? A boho-warrior, a mysterious lady, a zen spirit, a timeless woman or a Southern bomb?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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