Friday, 9 September 2016

Daily reading with Lesley, the cat eye prescription eyeglasses

I’ve spent too many hours in front of my pc and books that I started to feel incredibly tired, but my eyes are more stressed than my mind!
I wasn’t happy at the idea of wearing glasses but I had to do it.
Thankfully, it hasn't 
been a traumatic event, since I’ve found how to combine this need, almost an obligation, and aesthetics by browsing at GlassesShop e-shop looking for my first pair of lenses ever.

When you type “eyeglasses online” onto a search engine, one got a huge amount of solutions, this is how I’ve found my new lenses!In order to give more definition and “character” to my face, I've opted for cat-eye!
These eyeglasses model is called Lesley and has the typical elongated shape with a vintage taste.
The colour attracted me; it gives my lenses a nice twist because I think prescription eyewear hasn’t to be serious and formal, hasn’t it?
Lesley is translucent purple with violet, brown and black “graffiti”, it is definitely not that formal!


I ordered this pair of glasses at GlassesShop, an online store with an endless selection of cheap glasses, one can customise directly during the purchasing and prescription sunglasses.
Prices are great as well as the product quality, but if the choice is hard because of the selection, the possibility to order customizable eyeglasses and virtually “try it on” makes the shopping more convenient and mistakes proof.
I’ve taken a good habit, I carry with me Lesley, because it's lightweight and comes with a compact protective case and a microfiber cleaning cloth. 
It's detailed in everything and its tiny screws along the arms are protected by plastic covers.


Bookworm or nerd? None of the two, at least I hope so, in the meantime I jump back in time with Lesley as I’m reading “Pompei é viva” by Eva Cantarella, a short essay which traces the history and depicts face and daily life in ancient Pompeii. Her smooth writing style and rich content make this time voyage enjoyable both for students and enthusiasts!

Lesley cat eye or any of GlassesShop eyeglasses turn your readings or a day at the beach a real pleasure, a double pleasure thanks to the code GSHOT50 which gives you the opportunity to have a 50% discount on your purchase, while the expeditions are always fast as the wind!
Let’s go, let's take a book and your glasses: beauty without mind is nothing!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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