Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Mirror mirror on the wall... Avon Italia makes everyone feel beautiful and confident. Empowering women with #SpecchioSpecchio web app

How many times has ever happened to run into an acquaintance by chance and then to receive an unexpected compliment?
The following feeling can’t be easily forgotten. American beauty brand Avon Cosmetics knows that an appreciation has a great power beyond the first impact: it improves self-confidence, in addition to make people happy.
With this belief in mind, Avon Italy has run a little experiment on June 16th in Milan, Northen Italy, by placing an interactive mirror in the hall of Torri Bianche shopping centre.

Avon Cosmetics Beauty for a Purpose empowering women initiative positivity self-confidence web app experiment

It wasn’t a simple mirror but a sort of a “free compliment vending machine”, equipped with a projecting screen and sensors that were able to catch the presence of passers.
Custom praises started to appear in front of curious and amazed clients: “That scarf looks great on you!” or “Have you taken a close look at you? Today you’re beautiful!” (“Quel foulard ti sta benissimo”; “Ti sei guardata bene? Oggi sei bellissima!”), ending with more engaging messages: “Determined and strong: you’re an UNIQUE woman”; “Your beauty is charismatic. You must be proud of it” or “You’re braver than you think” ( “Decisa e forte: sei una donna UNICA”; “La tua bellezza è carismatica. Devi esserne orgogliosa”; “Sei più coraggiosa di quel che credi”).
Why doing so? “The mood of all of those who have spontaneously interacted with the" mirror " has improved: they felt more beautiful and confident and have successfully influenced other women around them."

Avon Cosmetics initiative Beauty for a Purpose empowering women Valentina Chirico positivity self-confidence web app experiment

The "mirror on the wall" and its experiment continue on line with an intuitive and fast app.
By uploading a photo or a selfie on avonallospecchio mini site, the mirror will give you a response in the form of a compliment or an encouragement; then your “beautified and powered” picture can be downloaded or posted with the hashtag #specchiospecchio to make the positivity flow and entice to test.
Photo after photo, the good mood and along with it a positive charge conveyed by Avon’s mirror messages will spread like a "healthy flu" through the socials.
Avon Cosmetics isn’t new to compliments and multimedia application, indeed in 2011, in order to celebrate its twentieth anniversary of activities in Slovakia, the brand had used a similar mirror, but the Milanese version didn’t award simple physical praises or elusive invitations for a date!

Avon Cosmetics initiative Beauty for a Purpose empowering women Valentina Chirico positivity self-confidence web app experiment

For decades "Company for women", Avon Cosmetics is making people rediscover the "beauty for a purpose”, its new motto indicates a genuine beauty, which is tangible through our senses, but real at the same time; made of self-confidence and inner strength.
Exalting this beauty with a lipstick or a perfume is a personal choice, but passing it on to others is a pleasure and a duty.
Let’s empower women around us!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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