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How to: DIY at home pedicure with Avon Foot Works

Sun, heat and long days suggest that’s the right time to finally show our feet! Before showing off fashionable sandals and flip flops, we must take care of them (our feet again), even without the help of a professional aesthetician.
With a spare afternoon and some specific products, like those from Avon Foot Works line I’ve been using since 2007, an at home pedicure is no longer a problem and becomes an effortless and enjoyable experience. 

A DIY pedicure is a moment of pure relaxation that everyone, especially housewives, can afford: a quiet half an hour, a basin filled with warm water, a foot rasper or file and a hydrating treatment are the tools we need to revitalise tired feet.
What are my recommended products and sage advice worth to be followed? How to proceed?
Easy peasy, here they are!
1) "Pre-treat" your feet with exfoliating diskettes or bar soaps
I personally love Avon Foot Works Beautifulexfoliating bar soap, a blue bar with small orange grains which mechanically remove dead skin cells. 
This product contains apricot seeds oil and powder and it’s enriched with algae extract; it’s very delicate and has a slightly sweet aroma. 
It should be rubbed onto previously damped rough skin areas, and then rinsed off with lukewarm water. I truly recommend massaging its foam in circular motions, because it results to be a very pleasant treat. 
2) Pour some warm water and two full spoons of baking soda or your favourite liquid foot bath into a basin
Sometimes my sense of the smell is very greedy, so I discovered Avon Foot Works Beautiful Pomegranate &Chocolate Relaxing Soak
It's a pink gel containing pomegranate extract, made delicious by a light chocolate scent. 
Drop some drops into a bowl, pour some hot water and many bubbles will appear; the recommended proportion is 15 ml of foot soak for 4 litres of water. 
This is the real relaxing moment: let your feet soaked for about 10-15 minutes so that the skin will become softer and ready for the next step.
3) Exfoliate and remove calluses and dead skin layer by using textured foot files, a steel rasper and a fine-grained file like those included in the 3 -in- 1 Avon Foot Works Multi Tool
I used to remove calluses and refine the skin surface in more steps by using more tools and sometimes a pumice stone like the one featured in that handy tool.

Avon footcare, Avon Foot Works, exfoliating bar soap, diy pedicure
Avon footcare, Avon Foot Works, foot multitool, 3 in 1 Avon Mulit Tool feet, diy pedicure

4) Repeat step 2 and 3 a second time if necessary
Soak your feet again and "work" again one foot at a time to eliminate the last rough spots. You could also reuse the exfoliating bar soap again. 
5) Put your feet dry with a towel and apply your favourite moisturiser
I generally walk a lot, thus I need a very powerful foot cream: Avon Foot WorksHealthy Intensive Callus Cream. This is a thick cream with an oily consistency that allows it to be massaged for longer time. It hydrated the skin without leaving it too greasy, but keeping it extremely fresh. 
Its secret weapons? Vitamin E, aloe vera and peppermint oil for that freshness sensation! 
6) Eliminate and prevent bad odours: a very embarrassing point. 
Refreshing and scented sprays deodorant powder? 
You can use them both: I suggest the refreshing and summery spray Avon Foot Works Beautiful Sugar Lime Mojito Cooling Foot Spray and a treating foot powder like Avon Foot Works Healthy Menthol and Tea Tree Deodorising Powder
The fragrance of this talc is peculiar and, especially I would say, slightly pungent, but it does its job with any type of shoes!

A homemade pedicure may seem something long and complicated to do, but it’s a great satisfaction when you can show healthy feet (maybe getting some compliments) and know you did this all by yourself.

Sandals, flip flops or barefoot like divas at Cannes?
But first, let's take care of our feet exactly as we do with every other part of our body and chill out. 
What’s next? Daring with a vibrant colour for the coming summer? Not a crazy idea!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Loved the post. I love pampering myself, would love to try all the products you have mentioned :)

    Recently Posted: : What made me buy from them !! Review +Haul

    1. Thank you, Swathi!
      I truly recommend the exfoliating bar soap and the foot soak... especially if you like sweet scents! :)

  2. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!

  3. Obrigada pelo convite para o sorteio! ;D

    Aquela coruja é demais! Estou usando para hidratar os lábios e também para enfeitar minha penteadeira!

    Nunca usei os produtos para pés do Avon! Mas acho que alguns destes itens que você mostrou não tem aqui no Brasil...

    Ótima quarta!

    Beijo! ^^

    1. Oi Amanda! Yes, Avon products vary a lot depending on the country, both in scents, packaging and types, but I know you can find the Foot Works line in Brazil as well with the Healthy range too! This is a great thing!;-)
      Have a great day! xo

  4. Loved the post, I shall try this surely :*


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