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Avon - Avon Foot Works Beautiful Relaxing Soak Pomegranate & Chocolate, review

When a product deserves some extra compliments, it deserves them all: this is exactly the case of Avon Foot Works Beautiful Relaxing Soak Pomegranate & Chocolate.
Why? Imagine you’re coming back home from work, you’re tired and your feet are soaring, this product is the right solution!
If a foot bath and a “do it yourself” pedicure are a good and wise thing to do on a weekly basis; occasionally, in case of stress and fatigue, a warm and quick bath just for your feet is what improves clear the situation. This foot soak with an unique chocolate aroma benefits the mood too! What else?

Avon, Avon Foot Works, foot bath, relaxing soak, chocolate scented, pomegranate, pedicure

This ready made concoction for foot is a pink gel, contained in a small and handy 100ml bottle, which soothes and softens the skin. Its formula is enriched with glycerin, cranberry extract and pomegranate extract, this one known for its antioxidant properties.
Once poured into a bowl or under warm running water, it creates a very light, bubbly foam and gives off a pleasant scent.

Chocolate goes extremely well with red fruits notes and the result is a fragrance that one can’t easily find on the market, because it is just gently sweet, and doesn’t evolve into caramel or vanilla notes. Thus it isn’t an obvious scent. Something familiar, close to this scent, that might remind of this Avon soak are, in my opinion, flat biscuits with berry filling.
Thanks to the Avon Foot Works Beautiful Pomegranate & Chocolate Relaxing Soak, my skin becomes soft and smooth for a long time just in ten minute, which is why this foot soak exceeds the comparison with any other products or the traditional hot water+baking soda or salt, although the latter is much more natural and cheap.
The only “footnote” to notice is a caveat on the leaflet recommending to contact a doctor or a podiatrist in case of diabetes or poor circulation.

it’s effective (leave the skin soft);
it has an excellent value for money;
it has a soothing, delicious and light scent;
it’s easy to use
it has a small and sturdy package

it’s a limited edition product;
it isn’t sold worldwide

Avon, Avon Foot Works, foot bath, relaxing soak, chocolate scented, pomegranate, pedicure

There are two big, huge flaws: Avon Foot Works Beautiful Pomegranate & Chocolate is a seasonal range and, unfortunately, will not last for so long and it isn’t available worldwide.

We have to stock up for the future, I need to do it! The regular price is 4,50£ in the UK, 8,70€ in Italy (less than 4€ on offer) while in other EU countries varies and in the US a common Avon soak costs around 6-5$
Indeed there are some fixed Avon Foot Works ranges like the lavender-scented line, but each country has specific and seasonal ranges.
This product can be bought through an Avon representative or on line if possible in your country.
Avon Foot Works Beautiful Pomegranate & Chocolate Relaxing Soak is a product quite unique, I truly recommend and I love, it brings me joy and I would carry it with me anywhere... it’s a travel-friendly!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Pomegranate & Chocolate...Loving the sound of it. Its a shame that it is LE. Wish it was available everywhere and permanent. Lovely review XOXO

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    1. Yes, that's true, Swathi! There are marketing studies behind specific lines, thus explainig why they are LE and why they're sold in specific countries but it's a real shame because this soak and its scents are Ah-mazing!
      xoxo and happy weekend!

  2. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing!


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