Monday, 23 May 2016

Avon - Avon Care Pink Jasmine hand, nail & cuticle cream, review

It has a lovely floral design that instantly brings joy: it’s the newest Avon Care Pink Jasmine hand, nail and cuticle cream with jasmine and vitamin E.
One of my new purchases and favourite product, it’s proudly displayed on my bedside table and takes me company throughout the day; it’s part of the Pink Jasmine special edition Avon Care line along with a shimmering body lotion and a hydrating lip balm.

This hand cream, suitable for normal to dry skin, it’s "formulated to protect skin against drying... it helps restore moisture to hands, leaving hands and cuticles looking healthier and nails looking shiny”, it’s a glycerine-based product and it’s enriched with vitamin E and calcium.
It has a very light jasmine scent that’s so delicate that sounds almost delicious; a very strange thing for a floral fragrance!
This Avon Care hand cream gives a nice dose of hydration and, noteworthy, it’s non-sticky, non-greasy and it’s so fast absorbed that I forget I’ve just applied it! I doesn’t leave my palms slippery and this is the second reason I use it every single day and I adore it.
It immediately leaves my skin hydrated, smooth and very elastic; I noticed that when I apply it at night, I wake up and my hands are soft just like the night before.
I usually need just one application before going to bed and another one during the day to get velvety hands all day long, however, when chemical cleaners put a strain on my skin, I have to increase the dose.
That isn’t a big issue: both its formula and its scent are very light and gently pushes you to use it!
This Avon Care hand cream has a very essential packaging: a 100ml slender tube, while the design, though simple, is delicate and feminine, and plays on different shades of pink and flower silhouettes.

it’s rapidly absorbed;
it has a non-greasy formula;
it’s non-sticky;
it leaves the skin supple;
it has a delicate and pleasant scent (subjective);
it hydrates both hands and cuticles

it needs for more applications

Its scent hooked me, as well as the feeling of extreme softness did.
Avon Care Pink Jasmine hand, nail and cuticle cream with jasmine and vitamin E is available at the regular price of 3£ in the UK, while it price varies in the other EU countries.
As all Avon products, it’s often on offer and can be bought online or through an Avon lady. You can check your local Avon site to find more information about it, all i can say is that the “beauty archaeologist” recommends it and suggest to always carry in your bag one this tube in order to assure you smooth hands like baby skin throughout the day.
How not to love a cream that takes care of your hands at 360° or at least of your hands and cuticles?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


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