Sunday, 7 February 2016

Glamulet's Valentine's day DIY contest: create and win your do-it yourself memorable photo charm

Are you ready to surprise your Valentine with a custom jewel or do you want to take a chance and win your gift? Glamulet has a great event for the month of romance: the free memorable Valentine’s day charm competition. Keep reading to know how to create it and win it for free.


Glamulet is a creative jewelry on line brand born in 2014 with the aim of letting every women around the globe feel beautiful with high quality accessories at affordable prices.
This is a company with a love affair with women with a great care on all their needs for support.
All styles, from chic to glam, and a huge array of materials (metals, stones, crystals, glasses and original Murano glass) are the keys of this brand, but the absolute features are the customization and the adaptability.
Indeed Glamulet’s charms can be personalized and fit both a necklace or a bracelet, plus they are compatible with Pandora-style supports!


After this short introduction, let’s go back to free memorable Valentine’s day charm competition! The mechanism is simple: create your account on Glamulet site; visit the Glamulet DIY page; choose your charm; upload a special picture and save your project!
At this point you can buy your brand new charm for your loved one or share it for free in order to enter Glamulet’s contest!
You can win a 100$ voucher to buy your gifts and maybe your do-it-yourself photo charm by sharing it across your social media, like Facebook, and get votes from your friends!
The more you share, the more votes you can receive. The top 20 most voted designers will be picked as winners on February, 14th.



If you feel lucky and inspired, you can take your best and most romantic picture and give it a new life as the perfect memorable gift for your Valentine.
With Glamulet you can win it! What a win-win situation, right?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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