Monday, 4 January 2016

The Indie shops spotlight goes local: a visit to the Stile SoprafFimo temporary Christmas shop in Cilento

Special entry for the Indie shops series, today the spotlights on independent jewelry creators go... local! I couldn't help that, when an old friend of mine has opened her little Christmas temporary shop, I had to visit her and take my phone with me, so today you can stroll and see Stile SoprafFimo's little store

Behind the scene of Stile SoprafFimo there's Paola Maiese, a girl who lives in Vallo della Lucania, a tiny city in Southern Italy.
She has completed her universitary studies and found a new passion, the joy of creating accessory, party favours and jewelry with polymer clays, then for the holiday season she came up with a brilliant idea: opening a temporary shops like those in bigger cities.

She's proud of her shop in shabby chic style with candid white wooden furniture and walls brighten up with chirstmassy red decorations.Watercolour portraits painted by her friend Miriam Sorrentino makes the store even more unique.
It's like a real workshop with a little laboratory: I found her carefully working on a new range of tiny jewelry...
But she's also online at A little Market and Facebook, she's interactive!

For her own independent brand, Stile SoprafFimo, Paola uses polymer clays and resins, pearls an swarowski elements; but her style is multifaceted!
If kawaii and colourful accessories, earrings, trinkets and keyrings (but the list goes on) shaped like puppies or fairies are the most popular items among teens and younger girls, you'll be surprised by her creations for a wider public and delicate tastes.
Paola is able to imitate semiprecious stones by using polymer clays with impressed details or golden foils, she creates elaborate miniaturist interwinig plant decorations for pendants and Pandora-style charms.

Her great care for details can be clearly seen in her mini world necklaces or her realistic tart rings where the icing looks like it's going to drop from the cake or delicious, runny chocolate cream overflows from a bitten bon bons.

Paola Maiese creates favours for graduations and births, she customizes or creates directly from clients' wishes. She's a fairy with a sweet smile who fulfills people's desires with great devotion.
You can check Stile SoprafFimo creations online at A Little Market and via the Facebook shop page.
Talking about polymer clays: can you describe youself as a kawaii girl or rarities researcher?
I'm definitively a rarity explorer!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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