Saturday, 23 January 2016

Indie creations: Emma Winston NY, the boutique of the "Floating Earrings"

Today’s independent jewellery designer is someone combining Nature’s immense power with richness from Mother Earth’s womb in elegant and timeless but modern masterpieces.
She is Emma Winston and her name is proudly her brand signature, where shiny bracelets and necklaces make company to peculiar earrings.


I had a chit chat with Emma to know her better as well as the brand philosophy and her creations (click the pictures jump to the product page), whose are only available on line at her own boutique, Emma Winston NY...

Could you tell us something about your background? Where are you from? 
I was born and raised in New York, surrounded by the energy and vibrance of the city. Living close to the Hudson River for my whole life, I was inspired by its pace and energy.
When have you met your passion for creations?As a child I had a particular penchant for ear decor and I am thrilled to be able to channel that passion into my new floating jewelry line, Emma Winston NY.
How do you imagine your typical customer?
I hope that my pieces will make women feel tasteful, trendy, classy and edgy all at the same time. I am excited to watch my collections grow.

What inspires you the most?
I have travelled widely, have visited many of the world's great rivers and have spent time being inspired by the uniqueness of each.
When developing Emma Winston floating earring collections, I used the inspiration of these great rivers to foster and formalize each line of jewelry. The intersection of glamour meeting nature inspires me!
Do you have an inspiring place (where you create or sketch the product)?
I like to sit next to the Hudson River while I sketch my future designs. I also get inspiration from being in the mountains.
What's your goal? Do you have a project for the near future?
Since I am curating my collection, my goals include designing my own signature pieces which I am currently working on.

Her jewellery lines have been designed with essential geometries and vintage twirls that can be stacked and mixed-matched with ease to satisfy people’s desire of sophistication. 
Zigzag shapes meet elegant leaves and waves in gold, rose gold and silver metals; quartz, encrusted zirconia and colourful silks wrap your wrists or decor your ears, while a floating crystal-like pendant earrings, her signature floating earrings, will “hug” your lobes and donate an effortless but sleek look to your outfits. Can you feel the “quiet power” of a wild water’s stream run through the silver lines and zirconia reflections?

If you like tiny pieces of light you can check Emma Winston’s creations at her on line store Emma Winston New York, the house of the “Floating Earrings”.
You can also enjoy 15% with the coupon code AUDIENCE15OFF.
You can also get updates on her work and upcoming promotions and launches through her media pages: Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram 
and G+
Emma Winston wants you to shine like a diva, at day and night, and to embrace Nature’s elements and energy with a delicate creation!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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