Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Blistex - Raspberry Lemonade Blast lip balm, review

New review... new lip balm. This post will be very refreshing for one reason, because my new lip salve is Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast. 
Blistex tells that: "Raspberry Lemonade Blast moisturizes, protects and refreshes lips with a tantalizing fruit blend." Blast of freshness, blast of flavour, really? Read on to know more!


Who follows on twitter and Facebook have seen it already and noticed how excited I was, I've bought this Blistex lip balm with an Italian weekly magazine and started using it the same day.
Blistex  Raspberry Lemonade Blast is a clear lip balm in a tiny, very small stick, but has a powerful aroma.
Its scent is the combination of raspberry and lemon notes, a fruity mix we could say but it would be too restrictive.
It reminds me of gelées, those colourful jelly candies, in fact it recalls that typical fruity and sugary scent but with a particular frizzy and a bit acid taste of lemon. Nevertheless it's refreshing and pleasant: the lemon scent is predominant.This Blistex lip balm is enriched with anti-oxidant and hydrating ingredients, vitamins C and E and contains PF 15 to protect lips from UV rays and avoid possible sunburns. I've noticed that it easily glades through my lips, lasts for hours and it seems working well.
Its texture isn't sticky or greasy, but the product is nor light nor too heavy on my lips.
I've used more hydrating lip products in the past but reapplying this Raspberry Lemonade lip salve by Blistex is a joy to use thanks to its scent I'm in love with.

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I think the Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast is a good product to use during the day since it protects from sun rays, it's comfortable to apply and "wear" and it's pocket friendly.This lip balm has been approved by "the beauty-archaeologist" because it's moisturizing and has a very interesting and addicting scents, plus it looks natural because it won't tinge your lips.

SPF 15,
particular and pleasant scent,
good/a bit above average,
not sticky,



Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast can be found in department stores in the U.S. and Canada and in several countries all over the globe, check this Blistex page to see if your country is listed
I love it and I carry it everywhere I go!
Have you tried this Blistex lip balm?

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. This lipsbalm sounds great would love to try this. Raspeberry Lemonade..mmm nom nom :D

    1. It's mouthwatering, Swathi! :) You have to search it, it's so good!!!

  2. I love Blistex products. I have to look for this one now.

    1. Great Simera! There's also Mango Orange Blast if you like other fruity scents ;-)

  3. Qualche settimana fa ce n'erano due tipi omaggio con una rivista e mi sono dimenticata di prenderli! Mannaggia a me, volevo proprio provare questa marca. L'ho vista in farmacia ma hanno solo il tipo base.

    1. Anch'io trovo sempre quello...
      Non credo che convenga girare e andare a cercare per farmacie; è meglio domandare direttamente a quello di fiducia per togliersi il pensiero (anche perché è molto gradevole questo al lampone e limone) :/
      Buona domenica!


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