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Avon Magic Effects Liquid Sequin, the newest Avon's nail polish range with full line review and swatches

Hold on nail fans, Avon Cosmetics has a new range of MAGIC Effects nail polishes called MAGIC Effects “Liquid Sequin”. The name recalls opulence, elegance and sparkle: to me, it’s like dressing up your nails with tiny sequined party garments.
This new nail lacquer line consists of 4 shades: Dazzle, Glimmer, Glitterati and Sequin; but, for our surprise, each nail polish differs in the result and has something particular in its formula and glitter mixture. Let’s find out!

Dazzle is a cold dark purple nail polish with chunky 1 mm fuchsia hexagonal glequins and tiny round (1/4 mm) bronze glitters suspended into a sheer purple base with a strong blue undertone, where the dark base makes the overall colour effect deeper and tridimentional; 
Glimmer is a finer gold nail polish, not completely sheer but not total opaque, with a cascade of fine iridescent particles/glitter powder and iridescent ½ mm hexagonal glequins, it’s very rich in shiny micro particles that make it looking like a metallic foil;
Glitterati is a playful nail lacquer, a bright “bubble gum” fuchsia sheer base with just blue 1 mm and ton-sur-ton ½ mm hexagonal glitters; last but not least, Sequin is a Carnival dress, a clear base with a fine silver micro particles/glitter powder and 1 mm hexagonal glequin in pink, gold, green, blue and silver.

Each nail varnish has a unique and distinctive character: Dazzle is a mysterious shade, depending on the light it may look black with fuchsia and red glitters or dark and rich in golden-red reflections, indeed in its bluish purple watery base, its fuchsia and bronze hexagonal glitters shift among gold, bronze and fuchsia thanks to a colour overlap effect; 
Glimmer has a subtler sparkle but it’s the richest nail polish from the collection because it has an already golden base.
It has less big glitters but it magnificently reflects light thanks to the fine golden powder; Glitterati reminds me of a gel with candy glitters, while Sequin can be described as the cold counterpart of Glimmer but with a clear base and more tiny glitters instead. While taking my pictures I’ve notice how jolly is the glitter combination in Sequin and how those few glequins in Glimmer pop through the bottle.

Avon MAGIC Effects Liquid Sequin nail polishes: Glimmer - Glitterati - Sequin - Dazzle (direct light)

Glimmer can be worn alone in two coats in order to reach the maximum opacity, with Dazzle and Glitterati one needs more coats but I think they are better as special effect toppers, applied with the brush or sponged for a more precision glitter placement, Glitterati would also be simply perfect for a “jelly sandwich” manicure because it’s just a sheer base with medium and big sized glitters, easy to modulate.
Sequin is pure fun, thus I recommend to use it both alone and over your favourite colours.
They all require a top coat to smooth glitters and sequins, especially Dazzle and Glitterati.
Drying time depends on how you use them, so how many coats are you going to use... more than 5 minutes, for sure. Each bottle contains 10 ml of product and its applicator is quite flat. 
Their costs vary depending on your country, the regular price is 6£ in UK and 8,50€ in Italy and other EU countries and they’re now available in UK, Central Europe and some Eastern European nations.

Party or daytime manicure, I think Avon MAGIC Effects Liquid Sequin nail polishes are perfect for glamorous nails always standing from the crowd.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Wow these looks so pretty I love the sparkle. I haven't used Avon products in years.


    1. Hey Simera, I really think you'll love them! I hope you can try them soon because, in my opinion, they're prettier then Avon Magic Effects Fringe and Magic Effects Lace nail polishes ;-)
      Have a nice day and lots of love


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