Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My recent visit to the Emergency Temporary #Christmas shop in Naples and little haul

I’ve taken the chance as quickly as I could and went to the Spazio Natale Emergency in Naples!It’s such a nice and colourful place with wall decals and quotes, like that by Einstein pictured here, while the volunteers are friendly and kind as I remember they to be.
Since these are the final days, just the ground floor was accessible and filled with products, what kind of them?

As you can see, there’s a corner, actually in front of the entrance, with ethnic handmade works such as baskets and vessels, fabric bags and foulards; close to it a little plank with Pupa kits, other make-up and toiletries.
Yes, Pupa palettes at 3 €. No surprises, this brandi s sold in these temporary Christmas shops since Pupa is collaborating with this ONG.

Then natural based skin and body care and shelves full of Christmas decorations, greetings cards and gadgets with the iconic ONG logo (E) such as calendars, notebooks, mugs and lots of T-shirts for each member of the family. A Christmas tree decorated with Emergency ornaments welcomes you from the entrance and near it there are other shelves with wooden toys and games; near the cash desk a selection of gourmet products (oil, wine, tea blends and coffee mixtures, pasta, gluten-free and vegan cookies, marmalade, jams and so on). 
During my quick trip the preparation for the upcoming concert by a Neapolitan band called Foja was taking place but I had to take my train and I couldn’t stay there longer. 
Me and A., my sister, took a couple of items to support Emergency: a 2016 Calendar, a colourful plasters box and a tea bag. 
Choosing my tea ended up as a very hard task despite there are a few types. The lucky one is an aromatic red tea with black pepper and cinnamon (anise and other spices). 
It’s a weird combination as it’s warm and wintry, tingling at the same time but not bitter.

I’m happy I’ve made it and nipped there! 
These are the last days, so if you’re in Naples... after visiting the traditional nativity scenes shops, I recommend to go to Emergency Spazio Natale, the temporary Christmas shop in via Santa Brigida.
For information about the location read my previous post.
Thank you!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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  1. If I don't get to say it by Friday, Merry Christmas


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