Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas decoration ideas and 3 fun DIY holiday projects

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Home should be overloaded with festive decorations, shouldn't it?
My idea for holiday time home decor consists in: lanterns, candles and a table centerpiece with seasonal flowers and berries; colourful baubles for Christmas tree, a huge wreath outside the door. More candles if possible, geometric shapes for the ornaments.
My home is still work in progress, but the Christmas tree is already at its place and this year we've chosen again red and gold metallic balls and red chains.

One of my childhood memories is an "all red kitchen" with red handmade doilies, kitchen ware and pillows. This a Christmas themed kitchen with one of my favourite design brand Derrière La Porte.
These lovely breakfast items are from the "QUE MA MONTAGNE" collection. I've spotted this bowl at "La Feltrinelli" in Naples (via Toledo)...

Another great memory is a fireplace, where you can roast chestnuts or simply having a lovely chat with the family.
It's a must, but what if you can't have it for real? Just add shelf on a wall, a chalkboard panel directly below and draw your fireplace!

There was a time when no cat where at home and we had plants in our living room. Hanged wreaths are still a nice idea for the interiors too!

Here's the fun part. Christmas means time spent with the family and there's no biggest joy than creating something unique with the relatives and the little ones.

I've picked three Do It Yourself projects for the house and the Christmas tree.

You can choose your favourite idea and give it your personal twist. I suggest recycling used wrapping papers or newspapers for the origami, because going green and giving new life to old things is always a great option.

Sorry guys, it's Christmas, it's the only time of the year I can sing and listen to Michael Bublé without feeling silly.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. Oh wow darling I love it the Christmas!
    Beautiful ornaments~

    1. Thank you, Raimar!
      I hope your home is ready for la Navidad :)
      Enjoy this magical month and lots of love for you!

  2. Christmas will be here before we know it

    1. We'll wake up and voilà!:D
      Thanks for stopping by, Adam, and have a lovely Sunday!


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